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Episode starts with Saroj crying and lying to Randhir about Amrit. She says Amrit has run away. Bhanu says she was fed up waiting for you, don’t know what happened one day that she left us. Randhir gets shocked. Bhanu recalls Saroj’s words. She says I didn’t wish to give you our address, bitter truth is better than the false hope. Randhir turns and leaves.

Amrit comes , but Randhir has left by then. Amrit says I feel anxious. Amrit and Saroj say that these are just wedding jitters that’s why we are making you to daan. But Amrit continuously feels that Randhir is near her.

Here, Vijender makes Veer ready. Veer says I know mom has asked you to find about that girl and I would have volunteeringly told you about her but if I tell her then I would be asking you not to tell mom and that will be injustice to you. Vijender says I won’t ask anything from you which you won’t like to give me but I will try to find information and I am happy that you are happy. Vijender says I will bless you both. Veer smiles. Vijender makes Veer ready for wedding. Nalini comes there and smiles seeing her son as groom. Veer says soon a beautiful girl will come to this house who won’t consider me a looser.

Amrit does charity. She thinks of Randhir. Bhanu says you are just feeling so, come. He gets tensed. She thinks I feel Randhir is around. Randhir passes by. She turns to see. Nalini says we have to follow Veer. They go to see Veer in his room. They don’t see him. Vijender says maybe he fooled us and went by back door. She says I will find out.

Veer takes the car. He says its my marriage. Nalini asks Satti to find Veer and get him back, this marriage can’t happen. Randhir walks lost. Amrit sees him and says Randhir. She runs after him. Bhanu shouts Amrit. Amrit sees someone else and cries. She touches a live wire. She gets electrocuted. She falls down. Veer stumbles. The ring falls. Randhir picks the ring and says its good, thing given by love is special, she will be lucky. Veer says its beautiful right, but this is to tie her up. Randhir says body can get chained, but how will you bound her heart, I advise you to tie her in the string of love. Veer says love. Randhir says yes. He dances on the dhol. He says love isn’t imp, I feel you were in love with someone, am I right. Randhir says I still love her. Veer asks is she with you. Randhir says actually… Veer says there is no time, did you bound her in love, its fine, I m going to chain that girl, she won’t be able to go anywhere.

Randhir says I will wish to tell you about the girl, she can break any chains to come to me. Veer says I will pray. He goes. Vijender asks Sattu to find Veer. Veer says you should have asked him directly. They see Veer’s car and go to see. They see Randhir and ask where is Veer. Randhir says Veer asked me to check the car, he had a ring in his hand, he said his family will come, I should hand over the car to you. He recalls Veer asking his help. He says give this note to my family, pray for me. Randhir says congrats for the marriage. Veer says thanks again. He dances on the dhol and goes. FB ends. Randhir says he gave this letter for you, I will go now. Vijender reads the letter. Bhanu comes home and asks where is Amrit. Bua says she went with you. Saroj asks what will we answer her. Bhanu says I saw Amrit running, I didn’t find her. Saroj asks what do you mean, its time for mahurat, Veer will come, we have to bring he back. Bua says you are worried for Veer, not Amrit, where would she be. Saroj says she has run away. Pandit ji comes. Amrit cries and thinks I m not able to go, everyone would be worried, how shall I reach home, Veer would have come by now, I can’t break my promise. Veer dances happily.

Amrit faints. Veer says find Amrit, else I will find her, then I won’t leave you.