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The episode starts with Lala announcing that Randheer and Amrit’s engagement. Mogar tries complaining but Brij stops her saying that Kiranbala will get hundreds of other proposals and today their other daughter will get engaged. Randheer’s mother admires Amrit and says that this would have not happened if the misunderstanding had been cleared yesterday. She asks Rajrani to make Amrit ready and bring her downstairs. Randheer and his family leaves. Amrit is sad.

Later, Rajrani ignores Amrit who is crying while making her ready. Vashma comes and Rajrani asks her to do Amrit’s hair. Amrit asks her why she is ignoring her. Rajrani shows Amrit’s turban and reminds her how she had asked her not to let any stain get on her father’s turban but she couldn’t even handle her dupatta and scattered the turban down. She leaves. Vashma comforts Amrit saying that she should be happy that her engagement is happening today and her parents won’t be upset with her forever. Amrit says that she won’t be able to marry like this: she wants to leave the house seeing tears of joy in her father’s eyes not like this.

After a while, Vashma brings Amrit out. They overhear Mogar asking Lala what will happen to Kiranbala. Lala replies that she should have thought about it before plotting. Mogar apologizes and asks him to think about Kiranbala but Lala says that today he has been ashamed by both his sister and daughter. Rajrani and Lala leaves. Brij asks Mogar to shut up when she tries complaining again. She asks Brij to remind that she was the dearest for him and Lala but they got her married when she was very young and she could never be theirs when she came back. She leaves sniffing.

Radha dashes into Brij and drops Vashma’s earring. Brij asks her about it and she tells him that it is Vashma’s and she is looking for the lost earring. Brij recalls Vashma saying that it is Radha’s and thinks that Radha is lying wondering why. He overhears some women gossiping about the engagement and bringing also Brij’s topic saying that Radha should have married Uday who is her age and they also look good together. Brij gets enraged.

Amrit and Randheer’s roka rituals happen. Lala doesn’t even glance at Randheer once while making him wear the chain and blessing him. Then Karam asks Pandit to tell an auspicious date for the wedding. Pandit says that there is an auspicious date for 9th of the following month. Lala says that it is fine: their daughter has become someone else’s and should go to them. Karam gets happy and gives sweet to Lala but he crushes the laddu in his fist.

Iqbal asks Vashma and Amrit to spend as much time together as they can since Vashma’s Nikah is going to happen after two days: Farooq has to go to Rangoon and wants to take Vashma with him. Vashma’s mother invites everyone to Vashma’s mehendi which will take place the following day. Vashma looks at Uday with teary eyes before leaving with his family.

Later, also Raizaada family leaves. Amrit is left in the hall and thinks that she got her love but she feels like she lost everything else. She wonders if she committed a sin by falling in love.

At night, Brij is searching for Radha and asks Abdul about her and Uday too but he knows nothing. Brij is bothered recalling Vashma telling him that the earring stuck on Uday’s sleeve belongs to Radha while the latter claimed that it belongs to Vashma. He gets angry recalling the women gossiping about Uday and Radha looking good together. He sees Uday and Radha together and they whisper that nobody should see them. Radha is about to slip but Uday holds her on time. Uday taunts Brij saying that he can’t take care of Radha so he will and asks him to go and take rest. Uday and Radha laugh. It is only Brij’s imagination. Radha is helping Uday to meet Vashma.

Amrit is going to Lala to give him kadha and convince him and finds out that he hasn’t eaten anything. She hears him talking to Rajrani. Lala says that he won’t be able to walk on road with his head up now onwards and wishes Amrit had brought poison for him mixed in the kadha that she brings every day. He cries wondering what his mistake is. Amrit cries too and leaves.

Uday and Vashma meet in the storeroom. When Uday enters, the door gets locked from outside. Vashma cries and says that she’d rather die than marrying Farooq. Uday says that this wont’ ever happen: none can separate them. Vashma says that none will let them stay together and compares themselves with the candle that can’t stay lightening when storm comes. Uday says that they won’t stay on the storm side. He says that they will go to Delhi; his coach told him about a big hockey camp going to take place in Delhi and says that once they reach there, they won’t ever come back and will spend their life together forever. He asks her to pack her stuff and be ready to escape with him; everyone will think she is getting ready to go with Farooq. He recommends that none should suspect her. They hug and, when they are about to leave, they realize the door is closed from outside. Vashma asks him not to make noise.

Finally Amrit opens the door. She is crying. She hugs Vashma and says that they both are getting their love but good is not happening with any of them. They break the hug and Amrit asks Uday for help.

On the other hand, Randheer’s mother says that she is happy since everything that happened was good even though strange. Karam says that he would have not been able to fulfil the relation with a liar like Mogar. Randheer’s mother asks him what happened to him since he doesn’t seem happy. Randheer replies that Lala didn’t seem happy. His mother says that he won’t stay upset when he and Amrit will give him a grandson. Randheer asks her if he will stay upset until then. Karam asks him not to worry since a father cannot stay upset with his children for long and Lala might be even coming to apologize for his rudeness.

Just then someone knocks at the door. Randheer goes to check and it is Uday who asks him to come outside. There is Amrit there. Uday leaves the two alone. Randheer says that she took a big danger by coming there since people are already unhappy with them. Amrit says that it was important to talk with him and asks him not to see the dreams of tomorrow he is seeing. Randheer is confused. Amrit says that it is strange how she cannot be happy after getting what she has prayed so much for. Randher replies he can understand. He puts his hands on her shoulders and adds that he is sure that they will bring back happiness on Lala’s face. Amrit removes his hands from her shoulders saying that she won’t marry him if Lala doesn’t get convinced. Randheer looks at her stunned. She says that he must be thinking that the girl who wrote such courageous stories as Ranjhan is so weak in reality but the battle between Ranjhan and Amrit is very old and it is the weak Amrit to win. She allows him to hate her as much as he wants. Randheer smiles and says that he loves this honestly and simplicity. He is aware of his father’s importance in her life and reminds when he saw her face with the moon: the moon and stars are good together because they have the sky. He promises Amrit to never snatch her sky from her. He asks Uday to take his belonging to her home and he will come back to take her right after one month.

Meanwhile, Kiranbala complains about none standing for her and asks where she should go. Mogar asks her to drink water. Kiranabala is about to do it but Mogar drops it telling her that there is a big distance between the glass reaching the mouth from hands. She says that there is one month left to the wedding and she won’t let Randheer marry Amrit. She is all set to plan something big that none will understand.

The next morning, Lala keeps ignoring Amrit who serves him food. Randheer comes and touches his feet. He says that he will be staying there since his parents have left to Karachi and he has some work in Lahore. Lala says that Lahore is big and Randheer’s name is big as well so he can stay anywhere. Randheer replies that he wants to stay also in his heart and asks him for five minutes to talk with him and Rajrani. Mogar looks at them tensed. Rajrani and Lala walk away followed by Randheer who looks at Amrit before leaving.

Episode ends

Precap:  Lala tells Randheer that he will break his relation with Amrit if he doesn’t win his heart within a month. Vashma tells Amrit that she is going to disappear with Uday. The latter gets into a physical ffight with Farooq and Randheer gets involved. Randheer is about to punch Farooq when Lala comes and shouts him to stop.