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The episode starts with Kabir and his gang see Queen doing fencing practice. Kabir and his gang think they are watching a movie. The other person accidentally hurts Queen. Queen kills the other person.

The Queen starts talking with Kabir and his friends in the video conference. Kabir and his friends realise that Queen really killed someone. Queen talks about how Kabir breaks marriages for Rs 50000. Queen says to Kabir that if he does a work for her then he will get Rs 50 lakhs for it. One of Kabir’s friends says they will not do anything wrong. Queen asks his Goons to throw Kabir’s friends out. Queen later says to Kabir that Kesar will be 20 years old within the next month and says he needs to bring Kesar to her alive within the next month. Kabir agrees to do her job. Queen warns Kabir that if he tries to double cross her then he will be killed.

Kabir’s friends ask Kabir if he said no to the job? Kabir says they didn’t have a choice but to say yes as if he didn’t accept this job then the queen will give it to someone else and says this is about Kesar’s life. His friends remind Kabir that he put their life in jeopardy by taking this job.

In Rajgaur’s mansion, Kesar runs into Kabir. Kesar asks Kabir what is he doing here? Kabir says their band was called here to play in Gowri Pooja. Kabir says to Kesar that he wants to talk to her? Kesar doesn’t talk to Kabir and leaves from there.

Kesar shows the preparation that she made for Gowri Pooja today. Ambica praises Kesar for her work. Hetal comes to Rajgaur mansion for Gowri Pooja.

Ambica greets Hetal. Leela comments on Hetal not changing one bit. Hetal also says to Leela that she also hasn’t changed one bit. Leela asks Hetal to learn from Kesar how to do Gowri Pooja. Hetal gets angry hearing this.

Hetal sees that everyone is distracted so she breaks the rice grains and in the Pooja and blames Kesar for it. Kabir sees Hetal’s act of breaking the rice grains that are meant for Pooja. Kesar and Ambica notice the broken rice grains that are on Hetal and understand that she did this deed. Kesar takes the blame and apologises to Rajgaur family. Jayanthi and Jinal feel relieved as Hetal saw the broken grains and their Vrath hasn’t been broken. Ambica sends Kesar to bring something.

Kabir thinks this is the right time to talk to Kesar. Kabir comes to Kesar’s room to talk to her.

Ambica shows the rice grains to her family and questions Hetal about it. Leela scolds Hetal and asks Leela if she is still trying to drive a wedge in the family. Leela makes a comment on Hetal and leaves from there.

Kabir tried to talk to Kesar but Kesar doesn’t listen to him. Leela comes and asks Kabir what is he doing in Kesar’s room? Leela feels dizzy and is about to fall but Kabir catches Leela and makes her sit. Kesar understands Leela’s BP has went down. Kesar goes to bring something for Leela. Kabir asks Kesar to bring lemon water. Leela chokes Kabir and says no lemon water as her Vrath will be broken. Kesar brings coffee to Leela so that her Vrath will not be broken and makes Leela drink coffee.

Kabir and Kesar help Leela come downstairs. Ambica and family asks Leela what happened. Kabir says Leela’s BP went down in Kesar’s room. Kesar says she fed coffee to Leela. Jinal asks Kesar why didn’t she give water? Kesar says if she does that then Leela’s Vrath would have been broken. Hetal comments on Kesar and scolds Kesar. Kabir asks Hetal why is she scolding Kesar as she hasn’t done anything wrong. Hetal asks Kabir who is he to talk in between them and asks Kabir what is he doing in Kesar’s room?

Episode ends.