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The episode starts with Hetal asking Kabir what is he doing upstairs? Kabir says he got lost. Ambica says the most important thing is that Leela is safe. Ambica asks Hetal to take care of the guests. Ambica says to Kabir that every relationship has a line and says there will be respect only if they don’t cross that line. Kabir says he understood and leaves from there.

Kabir gets a call from Queen and he says the exact words that Ambica said and says he doesn’t have that much time to complete his work.

Kabir starts singing Bhajan songs in a different way. Shakuntala starts throwing money over him. Kabir sends Shakuntala away.

Shakuntala starts knowing about the girls who came to Gowri Pooja.

Shakuntala comes to Ambica and says to Ambica that she is feeling guilty about the words she said to Kesar. Ambica says if that didn’t happen she wouldn’t know if Kesar would have been this understanding.

Kesar comes to Kabir and asks Kabir to sing some decent songs. Kabir still sings remix songs of God. Kesar seeing this decides to sing a song herself. Hetal thinks about what is going on between Kesar and Kabir seeing this.

Kesar starts singing a song. Suraj is shown to have landed in India with his luggage. He sits in his car and on the way home. Kesar sees Darshan is feeling uncomfortable. She asks Kabir to manage. She goes to Darshan and takes him inside. Kabir thinks it’s the correct time to tell Kesar about the queen. He goes behind Kesar. Hetal notices it. She tells Jinal and Jayanti to come with her to witness the drama. They go with her. Suraj reaches Rajgaur’s mansion.

Kesar makes Darshan sit on the sofa. She says I saw you’re uncomfortable with the red lights so I bring you upstairs. He asks her to give him her phone so he can play the game. Kesar asks him to play only for 15 minutes. She goes to get him juice. Kabir tries to talk to Kesar. Kesar asks why he came behind her. She is about to slip, and Kabir holds her. Hetal, Jinal, and Jayanti see them. Hetal asks Kesar how can she ruin their family name. Kesar says she is misunderstanding but Hetal brings Kesar downstairs and pushes her in the hall. Ambika questions Hetal about her behavior with Kesar. Hetak comments that something is going on between Kesar and Kabir. Kesar requests Hetal to not accuse her. She says she will tell her once Guests leave the house. Hetal continues to downgrade Kesar. Kabir tries to clear the situation by revealing what happened. Hetal slaps him. She tries to slap him again. Shakuntala warns Hetal to stay away from her son.

Episode ends.