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The episode starts with Kesar asking God for his help in catching Suraj. Kesar says she wants to be back together with Ambica and asks God for his help. Ambica comes to Kesar and apologises to Kesar as she only believed what she saw and she hasn’t believed Kesar. Ambica asks Kesar to tell her the whole truth that she knows. Kesar says to Ambica the whole truth. Ambica after learning the truth asks Kesar why is Ambica not happy when she learnt that her son is alive. Ambica says this is the pain given by him and comments on Suraj. Ambica asks Kesar to bring Suraj infront of her and says she wants to say to Suraj on his face that he is dead to her. Kesar says she will bring Suraj infront of her before Aarthi’s marriage and takes a vow of it.

Kesar comes and gives the good news to Kabir that Ambica has accepted her and she told the truth to Ambica about Suraj. Kabir learns the promise about Kesar saying to Ambica that she said she will get Suraj infront of Ambica before Aarthi’s marriage. Kabir asks Kesar how is it possible. Macchan calls Kesar and informs her that Suraj has bought rope and some oil. Kesar hearing this thinks what does Suraj want you to burn down.

Suraj looks at Kesar and Kabir’s photo and thinks soon they will be dead. Kesar asks Macchan to keep an eye on Suraj. Macchan agrees.

The next day, Kabir takes the blessings from all family members. Dhruvi asks Ambica if this Pooja is for Ansh and Aarthi. Ambica says this Pooja is for Kabir. Hetal thinks her plan failed as Ambica has accepted Kabir.

It is shown Kesar says to Ambica that Kabir is the one who supported in this fight and says if Kabir hasn’t supported her then she would have killed herself in sorrow. Ambica thinks if she forced Kabir and Kesar a little more then Kabir and Kesar would have gotten married.

Kesar later gets call from Macchan that they found Suraj’s location. Kesar hearing this says to Macchan that she will come alone as Kabir should be here for the marriage.

Suraj looks himself in the mirror and asks Kesar in his heart to countdown her time of death. Suraj lits a fire in the dustbin.

Kesar runs into Narayan and says to Narayan that she is going to bring Suraj and asks Narayan not to tell Kabir as he should be here. Narayan agrees.

Kesar and Macchan come to Suraj’s hideout and they find him missing. Kesar notices the fire and thinks Suraj has left just now. Kesar and Macchan search for him.

Kabir learns from Narayan that Kesar has gone looking for Suraj. Kabir hearing this leaves to Kesar.

The pandit asks Ambica to call Kabir to do Kanyadaan ritual. The Rajgaur family notices that Kabir and Kesar are missing. Hetal comments on them. Ambica asks the Pandit to do a Pooja before the Kanyadaan. The Pandit says there is only half an hour time to do the Kanyadaan and says they have to find Kabir before that time. Ambica agrees. Kesar sees Suraj leaving with his luggage.

Episode ends.