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The episode starts with Indra Dev saying to Mahabali that Devathas deserves the Amrith. Asur don’t have any rights on it. Mahabali and Swarnabanu disappears from there. Devathas prays to Narayan. Lakshmi asks Narayan to do something. He asks her what will he do? Lakshmi says that they snatched the Amrit from them in a wrong way. They don’t deserved it. She advises him to teach a lesson to him. Narayan says that he knows what to do. Swarnabanu and Mahabali are dreaming about tasting Amrith. They are shocked to see Mohini there. They are mesmerized by her beauty. Mahabali asks her who she is? They forgets about the Amrit seeing her Beauty. They are flirting with her. She mentioned her name as Mohini. Lakshmi says that it’s Narayan’s Mohini roop. He took this avathar to teach a lesson to Asur. As they expected Mahabali and Swarnabanu were mesmerized by Mohini’s beauty. They are praising her beauty and compares it with Devathas. Devathas comes there. He says to Indra Dev that Asurs concentration is on Mohini. Its the right time to snatch the Amrith from them. Indra Dev asks them to wait for the right time.

Mahabali asks Mohini about her parents details? Where she is staying? Mohini lies to them that she is alone. She don’t have anyone. Swarnabanu says that she isn’t alone. She can stay with them. Mahabali says that she isn’t alone. They are with her. Lakshmi is watching it all from far. Swarnabanu disliked the way Mahabali flirting with her. He says to Mohini that he is a normal Asur. He is more powerful then him. Mahabali praised himself. Mohini pretends like impressed with them. She is flirting with them. They are lost in her beauty. Lakshmi praised Narayan’s this side. She says that he is showing so much love. His love for her increased in his heart after she returned to home. Devathas approaching Asurs to snatch the Amrith from them. Mohini notices them. Indra Dev is fighting with Mahabali for Amrith.

Mohini says that she is scared of blood. She mentioned Mahadev name. Mahabali consoles her. She says to them that she hates fights. Asurs says to them that Devatha snatched the Amrith from them. Devathas said that they are lying. They snatched it from them. Mohini says that it’s a lie. She can’t believe them. Naradar says to Lakshmi that Asurs were flattered by Mohini Avathar. They are lost in her beauty. If Devathas also lost in his beauty. Lakshmi says that Narayan is precious. Everyone will fall in love with him. Devathas recognises Narayan is in Mohini Avathar and greets her. Indra Dev mentioned Narayan name. Asurs gets alert. Indra Dev lies to them that Narayan sent them here to bring back the Amrith. Asurs refuses to give the Amrith to them. They are arguing with each other. Meanwhile, Asurmatha asks Saraswati to untie her. They shouldn’t snatch Amrith from her son. They deserved it. Saraswati gives a fitting reply to her. Meanwhile, Lakshmi is admiring Mohini’s trick. Mohini flirts with Asur and takes the Amrith from them. She danced there. Swarnabanu stops her. She says that she doesn’t have any intention to steal their Amrith. She will go back to her place. She impressed them again. She manipulated Mahabali. Swarnabanu alerts him that she is trying to trap them in her plan.

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