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The episode starts with Lakshmi Devi determined to end Asurlok people. She says that she will punish them and take back their wealth. Mahadev says to Narayan that only he can stop her. Narayanan appears in front of Lakshmi. She asks him if he is here to save their enemy? Narayanan says that she is blessed to give wealth to others not to snatch them. She says that it’s important to punish them. She adds that they insulted her husband. She won’t leave them. Narayanan tries his best to convince her. She is adamant not to listen him. She is determined to destroy the Asurlok. Narayan says that she is going against the law. Lakshmi and Narayan are standing opposite each other. Narayan brings his Sudharshana chakram. Lakshmi points arrow at Narayan. Asurmatha says to Hayagreev’s body that he is won. Lakshmi and Narayan are going to fight with each other.

Lakshmi says that she is opposing the Asurlok people who are running others peace. Narayan says that it’s his duty to protect them. She aims the arrow. Narayan uses his Sudharshana chakram. He says that even Sudharshana chakram won’t cut her arrow. It’s giving respect to her. She says that it’s stopping her from doing her duty. Narayanan advises to her. Lakshmi asks him if he advising her to leave them? They are doing many sins. Narayan says that he didn’t meant it. Whenever evil people like Hayagreev born. He will definitely end their life. He assures her that he will protect the people. Lakshmi says that she is believing him. She asks him to do whatever he likes to do with them. She is back off from her decision. She asks him to accept her sree kamal. He asks her to accept this lotus from his side. Asurmatha says that they won’t fall in their trap. She blames them for Hayagreev’s death. She swears to destroy them in front of Hayagreev’s body. Narayanan tells her that she is supporting Hayagreev. He tried to destroy the world. He punished him for his mistakes.

Narayan advises her to give up her anger. Asurmatha says that she won’t forget his deeds. This war will continue. Brahman says that Asurmatha is creating a problem. She isn’t ending it. Lakshmi complaints to Narayan that he went against her to save Asurlok people. Narayan says that he don’t have evil intentions like them. He knows to save people. He says that Asurmatha is taking a wrong decision. One day she will be alone. Swarnabanu says that she isn’t alone. He is with her. Mahabali says that he is senathipathi of Asurlok. They are with Asurmatha. She says that they are enough to her to destroy them. She says that Narayan will be alone. Lakshmi says that it won’t happen. Lakshmi is with him. They are always one. They disappeared from there. Naradar, Brahman, Saraswati praised them. Naradar offers Lotus on their feet. Asurmatha recalls Narayan words. Swarnabanu and Mahabali swears on Hayagreev to take revenge on Lakshmi and Narayan. Later, Manohar doing a hawan. Narayan and Lakshmi accepts his prayer and grants his wish. A woman comes from a fire. Lakshmi says that she is a first creation and woman in this yug. She gives a name to her. Narayan asks him to accept her and give a heir. He blessed them and disappeared from there.

Madhu and his brother welcomes Narayan and Lakshmi to the Vaikundam. Madhu says that they can stay in Vaikundam peacful without Hayagreev. Later, Narayan says that their wedding were over but flood came. She tells him that she will do makeup and wears beautiful dress for him. She asks him to help her. He assures her to help her. Naradar praised their Jodi.

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