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The episode starts with Lakshmi appreciating Narayan for his work. He says that he brought flowers for her. He is mesmerized by her beauty. He says that she is the beautiful creation of this world. She is symbol of beauty. Lakshmi asks him if he brought this flowers for her? He says that she deserved this beautiful flowers. She tries to place the flowers on his feet. He says that she has to keep this flowers on her hand till he complete her Shringar. A Rishi is carrying the flowers on his hand. Lakshmi is surprised to see the arrangements there. She asks him if he going to do her Shringar. He says that it’s the condition. He might fulfill her wish. She says that she is ready to accept his condition. He helps her to do her Shringar. Meanwhile, Saptrishi greets Druvarsha. He asks him why he is holding flower garland? He says that this flower garland is the symbol of sukh and Samridhi. They created a beautiful world. He is going to offer this to Indra Dev to thank Devadas. Meanwhile, Indra Dev is enjoying the dance. Rishi Druvarsha comes there. They are thinking why he is here. They greeted him.

Indra Dev greets Rishi. He asks him why he is here. He would have came to meet him if anything important. Rishi says that he came here to meet him and offer this to him. He says that he is protecting the samridhi. That is why he brought this flowers garland for him. He puts it on his neck. Indra Dev asks him to sit there. He looks around the place. He asks him what’s going on here? Rishi says that he was celebrating the creating of Samridhi. Rishi says that he don’t have any work here so he is off. Meanwhile, Narayan says that he has the rights as a husband to do his wife Shringar. Lakshmi says that he is happy to do it. Later, Indra Dev removes the garland from his neck. He says that Rishi thinking that this garland will bring more beauty to him? It’s not possible. This garland will be useful to his elephant. He will play with it. He removed it and throws the garland on it. Elephant throws it away.

Indra Dev laughs seeing it. He says that even the elephant don’t need it. Asurmatha notices it. She meets the Rishi. She says that she came to take his blessings. This world is different. Many people are waiting for his blessings. But Indra Dev is looking down on him. He denied his blessings. Rishi returns to his place. He notices the garland on the floor. Asurmatha provokes Rishi against Indra Dev. She says that he isn’t respecting his blessings. Rishi says that he didn’t insult his blessings but him. He has a lot of attitude. He ignored his blessings due to his ego and attitude. He humiliated him. Lakshmi is still holding the flowers. Narayan asks her to place it down. She says that she will offer the flowers on his feet when her Shringar is over. He asks her to wait little more. He says that he will complete her shringar now. Shringar is incomplete without anklets. Rishi says that it’s a insult of Lakshmi. He cursed him.

Rishi curses him that he is snatching the sree from him. Anklets drops from Narayan hand. Flowers dried in her hand. Her shringar disappears from her. Narayan is surprised to see his jewels disappeared from him. Lakshmi says that she couldn’t fulfill his wish. She shares her grief with him. Narayan says that he don’t need her wealth but her. She says that she has to go far from him to protect him. He says that they just started their life together. Lakshmi says that she has to leave because of Rishi Druvarsha. He mentioned about the Sree. She was that Sree. He curses him to snatch the Sree from Indra Dev. She has to leave now. She is aware that Narayan won’t allow her to leave. She says that she will stop him from going against the law. She is going to do her duty.

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