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The episode starts with Lakshmi saying to Narayan that she has to do it for Sukh or samridhi. He asks her why she is punishing him for Indra Dev. She says that because he loves Sree. We have to do it. Lakshmi is stepping backwards. Indra Dev’s elephant disappears from there. Indra Dev and Devdas jewels and wealth disappears from them. Rishi smiles at him. Narayan says that he didn’t married to Lakshmi to leave her. He will try in all way to get back with her. He doesn’t care whether it’s sky or Sea. Lakshmi says that he has to follow the rules and sacrifice her. Madhu and his brother pleads with Lakshmi not to leave Vaikundam. He adds that Narayan can’t live alone in this Vaikundam alone without her. She steps backwards. Naradar is shocked to see it. Indra Dev falls on Rishi and pleads with him to forgive him. He shouldn’t give this punishment for him for his small mistake. Rishi says that it’s not a small mistake but a sin. He might be punished. Naradar comes there. He complaints to him that he took a Decision in a rush. He gave a punishment to someone else not to Indra Dev.

Naradar complaints to Rishi that he snatched Lakshmi from Narayan. Lakshmi is leaving him. Asurmatha is happy to hear it. Rishi says that Indra Dev and his ego is the reason for it not him. He leaves from there disappointing everyone. Madhu asks Narayan to do something. He says that he couldn’t finish Lakshmi’s shringar. Lakshmi says that Narayan is his shringar. She leaves from there. Meanwhile, Sagar Dev is doing his meditation. Jal Devi greets him. She says that she has an important news to share with him. Lakshmi is going to Pathalok through sea. We were waiting for this moment. They recalls the way Narayan killed their son. They pleads with them to save him. Narayan says that he did a sin. Death is the punishment for him. Sagar Dev pleads with him to save him. Lakshmi says that he can’t go against the law. Sagar Dev says that he only had one son. Jal Devi asks them how will she survive without her son? Lakshmi holds her hand. She says that she has a daughter. She asks her to consider her as her daughter. She can give happiness to them. She is accepting them as her parents. Sagar Dev asks her to get ready to welcome their daughter. She says that she will snatch Lakshmi from Narayan.

Asurmatha asks Swarbanu and Mahabali to celebrate. It’s their victory. He asks her if she won swargalok. Asurlok says to him that Lakshmi separated from Narayan. He asks her how is this happened? She narrated everything to him. Mahabali says that it’s time to fight against them. They were weak now without Lakshmi. It’s time to win against them. Asurmatha assures him that he is right. Later, Naradar informs Brahma and Saraswati about it all. They are also in a dilemma what to do next. Meanwhile, Sagar Dev and Jaldevi welcome Lakshmi to their place. She says that she needs their blessings. Narayan holds the pearls and recalls his moments with Lakshmi. He missed her. Lakshmi refuses to stays with them. Jal Devi says to her that she lost her son. She promised to be her daughter. She will give the happiness to her. Lakshmi recalls the way she promised to them. Sagar Dev thinks that he will take revenge on her for his son death.

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Precap; Narayan is determined to get back with Lakshmi

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