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Episode starts with the regretting words of Devraj Indra who has insulted the humble offerings of Rishi Durvasha. They all together come to Narayan to ask pardon. Narad shows the disappointment of losing the heaven due to the cards of Rishi
Durvasha. They couldn’t able to imagine the consequences of the present situation. They all complain against Rishi Durvasha and Asurlok. Narayan becomes tremendously angry listening their accusation against Rishi Durvasha. He asks Indra to rethink about his own mistake. Devraj realises his own mistakes and folds his hand in front of Narayan.

Narad points out his finger on Indra and supports the comment of Narayan. He tries to make him realise what he have done to the heaven. Immediately all the Gods become ready to apologize to Narayan.

They all apologize to Narayan and ask the forgiveness. Debraj Indra also stoops infront of Narayan. Listening the apologization of all the Devtas, Narayan forgives them. He also rebukes Indra for her foolishness. Indra asks Narayan how he will get back their previous glory. Narayan asks them to keep patience since Indra had insulted Shree Laxmi.

Shree is welcome in her maternal house, her Mother gives her the comfort and asks her to stay in her maternal house for few days. But Laxmi believes that Narayan’s place is her own place. She wants to be with Narayan again, she also believes that Narayan will definitely find out a way. Laxmi starts missing her husband and recalls the good memories with Him. Seeing her long face, her mother ask her what has been aching her mind. Lakshmi open her heart to Jaldevi. Jaldevi feels dissapointed with the behaviour of Narayan, she didn’t expect this from Narayan. Laxmi becomes agitated when her mother starts to disbelieve Narayan.

On the other hand Sagar and JalDevi both want to take the revenge on Narayan who killed there son. Sagar Dev wants to Spanish Narayan keeping Lakshmi in his own palace. They also plan to make another arrangement of marriage of Lakshmi so that Narayan couldn’t able to claim his right on Lakshmi. By hook or crook, he wants the permanent separation of Lakshmi and Narayan. Jaldevi promises that she will take care of Lakshmi.

Narayan comes to the god of the Sea. He addresses Sagar dev and requests him to come infront of him. Narayan shows his deep respect for him but Sagar Dev doesn’t show any sympathy towards his poor situation. Narayan begs the cooperation from Sagar dev but he openly says that he wants to take the revenge of his diseased son.

Narad becomes surprised witnessing the vanity of Sagar Dev and asks him to be grounded otherwise he will also lose his life like his son.

Laxmi couldn’t able to wait to meet Narayan for once. Jaldevi smirks and pretends to be affectionate towards Laxmi. The latter couldn’t able to understand the hypocrisy of Laxmi.

To bring back Lakshmi in his life Narayan decides that he will dry up and the whole sea. Sagar Dev reminds that it’s not a mere river or pond, that he will easily destroy it. SagarDev also showcases his own power but Garud tries to punish him. With the intervention of Narayan, Garud leaves him. Narad couldn’t able to understand how Narayan will manthan the whole sea.

Episode ends.

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