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Episode starts with the devine presence of Laxmi and Narayan. They both stare at each other with the pleasent eyes. Narayan welcomes Laxmi in his own palace and praises the lustre of her presence. They both feel more holiness getting each other. Laxmi says the greatness of their togetherness. Narayan nods his head. Laxmi notices her own footprint on the floor and tries to understand the reason behind the invitation. She asks Narayan whether there is any reason behind his grand welcome. Narayana describes the importance of her presence in his own reign.

Laxmi questions why he killed Yagnasur. Narayan explains that Yagnasur and Bhayagreev both are evil power who consolidated themselves to establish their own immoral power. He also adjoins that Bhayagreev has the evil intention behind the battle and he died because of his own sin. It’s very important to punish the man who doesn’t have any moral values.

Laxmi asks Narayan whether their relationship is based on only on responsibility or there is love. Narayan silently stares at her. Narayan describes the significance of her divine presence, how she brings the life in all the world, the love was established in the earth, and he started to feel the attachment with her. Narayan analysises that their relationship is based on both responsibility and love. They have to balance the both. Narayan opens his heart to her divine beloved Laxmi. Laxmi also expresses her emotion to Narayan. Narayan seeks the hand of Laxmi and asks whether she is ready to accept his love. Laxmi immediately accepts the deep love of Narayan abs places her own hand on Narayan’s hands. They both couldn’t help but to stare at each other.

Bhayagreev roars in pain losing his brother. He is also vows to kill to Seshnag. He challenges that he will destroy all the creation and greatness of Narayan. The people of earth prays to Narayan so that the earth would be saved. The every parts of the earth becomes more fierce and is about to fall apart. Narayan fathoms the importance of the moment and gets ready to save the earth. Laxmi also eagers to join with Narayan to save the world, but Narayan asks her to wait until the crucial time. Seshnag asks him the permission so that he could proceed against Bhayagreev. Narayan gives him the permission to rescue the world.

Episode ends.

Precap : A fierce battle will take place between Bhayagreev and Seshnag.

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