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Lakshmi Narayan is a newly launched show in Colors TV. Experience the romantic and divine love between Narayan and Lakshmi. Where the duo is resolved to protect each other in any situation

In the previous episode we saw; Lakshmi says to Narayan that she promised to be with him in all the hurdles. She helps him to fix the boat. They saved the earth and Saptrishi. Asurmatha reveals it to Hayagreev. Hayagreev challenge Narayan to fight with him.

Naradar says that he did a sin and came straight in front of Narayan to receive his punishment. Narayan will take Hayagreev’s avathar to teach a lesson to Hayagreev. Narayan and Lakshmi kill Hayagreev. Tanu blames Asurmatha for his death. Asurmatha asks them to do his final rituals. Lakshmi takes an Samridhi Devi avathar.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Rishi will curse Indran for his mistake. He says that all his wealth will be disappears from this world. Narayanan helping Lakshmi to wear the jewels. It’s disappears from them. Lakshmi says that this destiny separating her from him. Narayan assures her that he will find her in all his birth. He promised to her in their wedding.

How will Narayan and Lakshmi protect each other? If Bhayagreev succeed in his plan?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tuned with our space for more updates