Harshad Chopda is one of the most charming and enchanting heroes we have on Indian Television. Unfortunately, Harshad has been absent from our TV screens since ‘Bepannaah’ ended and fans have been hungry for the daily dose of their favourite star ever since.

While fans still dig his pairing with Anupriya Kapoor in ‘Tere Liye’, him and Shuvya Pathania were loved too in Sony TV’s ‘Humsafars’. With ‘Bepannaah’ though Harshad and Jennifer’s chemistry became a rage. Now, that Harshad has been away from TV since so long and given the history we have loved watching Harshad with different leading ladies; we at JustShowbiz decided to imagine Harshad with some new Divas in some new concepts.

Harshad Chopda and Surbhi Jyoti

Harshad and Surbhi both have a tremendous way to play angst and pain on screen. While Harshad’s portrayal of pain is more expressive, Surbhi’s portrayal is restrained. They will work wonderfully in a concept that’s full of angst and pain. Also, these two fine actors would definitely share a chemistry worthwhile to watch.

Harshad Chopda and Krystle D’souza

Harshad’s portrayal of sarcasm and Krystle’ s of a girl full of oomph. . .Can you imagine the blast of chemistry? Krystle is right now winning over audiences with her latest stint in ‘Fittrat’, her new ALT Balaji webseries and she would be great at playing a confident no-nonsense businesswoman against Harshad’s sarcastic I-Love-A-Challenge tycoon. What’s say?

Harshad Chopda and Kritika Kamra

Anyone up for a workplace romance? Or a reunioun of exes kind of story? Kritika and Harshad are both mature actors who do not need loud scripts to give impactful performances. It will.br a joy to get these two playing something interesting and mature on screen opoosite each other. The chemistry is sure to be subtle and powerful.

Harshad Chopda and Sanaya Irani

A cute modern love story with all the feels in the world? ITV please grant us our wish. Sanaya and Harshad are the biggest names of our TV industry anf it will be no less than a celebration to see them both together on screen in a love story set in the heart of the city without any complexities? PLEASE.

Harshad Chopda and Dipika Kakkar

Harshad and Dipika both have been a sort of revelations in the last shows they have done. The fact that they have the ability to surprise us with their performances even after all these years in the industry is reason enough why they should work together. We are totally game for this pair.

We would love to see these leading ladies opposite Harshad Chopda. Who is your favourite? Have another choices? Do tell us in the comments section and till then let’s get biiiizzzzziiiinnn’!!!!!