By Smita Pal| JTBC’s new upcoming Kdrama “The Good Bad Mother “, starring Lee Do Hyun,Ra Mi Ran and Ahn Eun Jin is all set for its premiere! The production has confirmed its premiere date and the cast lineup.

“The Good Bad Mother” is a healing cum heartwarming comedy about a woman Young Soon, who has dedicated her whole life for her son and her son Kang Ho, a prosecutor who suffers from amnesia and has a mind of a little child,after an  accident.

Ra Mi Ran will be playing the role of Young Soon, a single mother who runs a pig farm.She made herself a bad mother while raising her only son Kang Ho and was strict with him because she wants her son to be successful with a career and not to become like her.

Handsome and talented Lee Do Hyun takes up the role of Young Soon’s son Kang Ho , a cold hearted prosecutor who turns away from his strict mother. One day,Kang Ho meets with an unfortunate accident and becomes like a child.He moves back to his hometown and begins a new life with his so called bad mother.

Actress Ahn Eun Ji will be playing the role of Kang Ho’s childhood friend Mi Joo, a warm hearted young woman who cannot walk away from an injustice.When she meets her childhood friend Kang Ho who is now like a little child,her whole life changes.

The upcoming drama revealed its cast lineup who will add entertainment and value to this healing comedy.Yoo In Soo who has won the viwers heart through his previous dramas including “Alchemy Of Souls “,”All Of Us Are Dead “ and many more, will be playing the role of village’s troublemaker Bang Sam Shik who is pure hearted.Jung Woon will play the role of prosecutor turned assemblyman,Oh Tae Soo a man dedicated to his job in face of the upcoming election.Choi Moo Sung will be playing the role of Song Woo Byuk, Chairman of Woo Byuk Group who uses Kang Ho to get in contact with Oh Tae Soo.

Furthermore the village’s other residents include Seo Yi Sook playing the role of Mrs.Park,the mother of Bang Sam Sik and the owner of the village mill.Kim Won Hae will play the elderly village leader.Jang Won Young plays the role of Mrs.Park’s husband, Kang Mal Geum will play as Mrs. Jeong, Lee Mi Joo’s mother.Baek Hyun Jin will play the role of an eccentric composer who dreams of building a large concert hall in the village of Jowoori.Hong Bi Ra will play as Of Tae Soo’s only daughter Oh Ha Young.Ki So You and Park Da On will play the twins Ye Jin and Seo Jin who becomes Kang Ho’s friends when he turns back into a little child.

“The Good Bad Mother “ will have a total of 14 Episodes and will be premiering on April 26 at 10.30pm KST.Stay tuned for more updates!