Lips are a body part which not only beautifies a face but also it can describe a person very well. Each person has different shape of lips and different shape of lips says different things about persons. Here we are trying to describe various popular TV actresses with her lips.

Jennifer Winget: Jennifer Winget is the name of that woman who has touched the height of excellence with her acting skills and still keeps growing in her field. Apart from her acting skills Jennifer’s lips also says about her. She has lips with Rounded Cupid’s Bow according to which she is a very kind and compassionate women having a big heart for everyone.

Harshita Gaur: Harshita Gaur has played a very strong role of Sanyukta in Channel V’s Sadda Haq with full of grace. Harshita’s Goldilock lips says that she has medium size lips which does not have super defined peaks, which means she keeps a balance in her life. She does not go over or less in anything and handles every situation in a normal way. According to her lips, Harshita is not needy and clingy but she craves to sense of connections in relationships.

Niti Taylor: The very cute Niti Taylor, best known for her portrayal of Nandini Murthy in MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, is currently playing a pivotal role in Ghulaam. She is cute, adorable and knows how to enjoy her present moments to the fullest. Niti has an Injected Fuller Lower Lip which defines her as she always wants to be pampered and love to seek pleasure. Her lip also says that she is a kind of girl who loves to enjoy her life without any worry and tension.

Tejaswi Prakash: Tejaswi Prakash, who came into limelight when she played the character of Ragini in Swaragini, is a trained singer in classical music. She has lips that are Naturally Plumper in the center of the upper and lower lips which describes Tejaswi a natural performer. The plumpness in the center of lips says that she tends to more self-indulgent and thinness at the corners of her lips says she is fun loving and becomes excited easily.

Ankita Sharma: Ankita Sharma, last seen in Chakravarti Ashok Samrat and currently portraying the role of Sarla in Devanshi, has lips with a Peaked Cupid’s bow. Ankita’s lip shape says that she is a good communicator as her communication skill is superb and is a quick-minded woman. According to her lips, because of being quick-minded sometimes she does not think before speaking and her creative hands is also a reason of her being quick-minded.

Erica Fernandes: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi fame Erica Fernandes better known as Sona of TV industry has successfully completed her one year as Dr. Sonakshi Bose. There is an Undefined Cupid’s Bow in Erica’s lips says Erica is a kind of girl who lives for others without thinking about her own. She actually sometimes lacks emotional boundaries. Her lips also says that she is one of the responsible people who most of the times forget that it’s not only their job to take care of all the problems.

Shivani Surve: Shivani Surve, who’s acting in Jana Na Dil Se Door is knocking many hearts, is a girl who has Naturally Full Top and Bottom lips. Her lips says she keep others first before her own and she finds joy in doing the same. Shivani’s joy shows how much she care about others. She loves to make a circle of her good friends and wants to keep the connection for a long, which represents how much she values relationships.

Samiksha Jaiswal: Samiksha Jaiswal, who is spreading fragrance of life everywhere as Mehek, is, according to her Small Mouth with Full Natural lips, loves to be in her own world the most but when she realizes that someone is paying attention to her she also starts thinking about that person. Her lips says that it’s take time for her to become friendly with people as she loves her company more but when she becomes friendly she do value the relationships.

Mouni Roy: Mouni Roy is a well known actress who has been seen in various characters till now but her fans loves her in her Naagin avatar the most. Mouni’s Injected Upper Lip better defines her as a person who see people equally and who concerns about others as her own. She is fun loving and hard working.

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