The many shades of pink

Lips of Depth & Dimension

Seen at Mary Katrantzou, DKNY, and especially at Fendi, that where these sexy pouts were covered in glitter. What a way for lips to get attention! To obtain these results effortlessly all that is needed is to layer two different effects. Start with a base layer of a satiny lipstick with a dab of high-glitter gloss right in the center of your lips and voila!

Pink is In

Sexy Pink

The new neutral color for 2017 is the pretty pink. According to Martin of Elle Magazine, “Think of this color as the ‘new neutral’.” This lovely rosy shade can be seen in Dior, Pucci, and Isabel Marant. Fabulous part of pink neutral is you can pull it off on any part of your face. “Draped sheer and high on the cheeks, graphic yet soft on the eyelids, or as a healthy glow on the lips,” says Martin. “Pink adds a fresh take to a bare face.”

The many shades of pink

Vinyl-Like Liner

Vinyl Liner – the new hot

You are in luck if you love liquid eyeliner! The Liquid liner is still in for 2017! The twist is to look for a liner that is shiny for an extra edge. The extra shine gives it a vinyl look and is trendy!

Wine Colored Mascara

Give your lashes a high of their own. If pink is the new neutral go red for dynamic eyelashes. Red tones near your eyes a bit frightening? Well it’s the dynamite trend. To ensure you don’t look tired or drunk go deep and dark. Opt for a dark formula that shows its true hue only when it catches the light.