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The episode starts with Nutan apologizing to Pratap and Subhadra. She says Sonam is their family member and they will lift any burden together. She leaves the final decision on Sonam. The latter tells every parents will be worried for their daughter. She says Nuttan accepted her for the first time. her instinct is saying everything will be sorted out. She requests them not to ask her to leave from her house. Pratap and Subhadra leave. Sonam says Nutan she was certain that they will accept. Dhruv, Sonam and Nutan happily share a group hug.

The next morning, Sonam wakes up. She finds Dhruv is sitting upset. She asks what happened. Nutan also wakes up. Dhruv says he’s hungry. The goons stops Sonam from entering the house. Sonam asks them to let her in to cook food. Milky asks the goons to throw her out. Dhruv comes running and holds Sonam. He pushes the goons. He enters the house and breaks things and runs away.

Milky calls Badasa and asks him to clean everything. She gives him money. He returns the money. He says he will not help her sinde she has made the mom(Nutan), who had brought him up, leave the house. Milky mom comes there. She says if he can’t do, they will appoint someone else. She asks Milky not to worry. She orders the goon to arrange for maids.

Later the goon tells them he has brought maids but they refuse to enter the house. Milky asks them why. One of the maid says no one will work her. Nuttan is very good and they will work only for her. They leave. Sonam says she has to leave in the prison without any maid. She can’t leave in peace here. Milky asks her what she wants to let her leave in peace. Sonam asks her to allow her to go to the kitchen to make food. Milky agrees. She adds that she doesn’t scared of her. Dhruv happily claps the hands. He asks Nutan if he goes to play. Nutan asks to play carefully.

Nutan tells that it never happened before that they didn’t have food on time. She cries saying but now her family is hungry because of her. Shashikant consoles her. Sonam brings food for them. Sonam asks where Deeraj and Dhruv. Nutan says Deeraj has gone to bring Dhruv who is playing. Deeraj comes and tells Dhruv isn’t in the park. The family gets worried. They hear Dhruv’s scream. They see the goons holding Dhruv. Dhruv shouts to take him out, they locked him in a room. Milky asks the goons to take him inside.

Police comes to the Jaiswals. Sonam says Dhruv was forcibly locked inside. The inspector and the family go to inside. Milky is seen feeding food to Dhruv. Sonam hugs Dhruv. Milky asks the inspector what happened. He says they got complaint that she has forcibly locked Dhruv inside. Milky denies. She blames the Nutan family. She tells the inspector to ask Dhruv what’s the truth. Dhruv remains silent holding his hand. Sonam finds a burning mark on his hand. The inspector asks who did hurt him. Dhruv says his family. Everyone gets shocked.

He further tells Milky is very good aunty and he wants to stay with her. A FB is shown Milky threatening Dhruv to kill Sonam and his mom if he refuses to listen to her. FB ends. Milky says Dhruv is safe with her. She asks the Police to warn the Jaiswals that they don’t torture Dhruv and let them leave in peace, else she has to take action against them. The inspector warns the Jaiswals and leaves.

Nuttan asks why he lied to the inspector. Sonam asks if Milky threatened him. Milky asks them to leave. Milky stops them. She makes Dhruv wash the floor. Milky says she has stopped the maids from working for her now she made Dhruv her maid. Sonam runs to Dhruv. A goon threatens Sonam that if she come closer to Dhruv, he will burn Dhruv’s hand with hot spoon. Nutan slaps the goon. She warns him. She tells Milky that she will show her the consequences of hurting her family and her son. The goons make them all leave. Sonam cries.

The episode ends.

Precap : Milky snatches the money from Shashikant’s hands. Nutan says this is Sonam’s earnings. Milky threatens them. She asks Sonam to apologize kneeling down in front of her.