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The episode starts with Sonam telling to Nutan that Dhruv is suffering because of her. Milky is angry with her, but hurting Dhruv. Nuttan blames herself for not listening to her earlier. She says the whole family needs her. They hug crying. The same day night, the Jaiswals are sitting hungrily. A man from a restaurant gives leftover food to them. Shashikant thanks him. Sonam distributes the food to everyone. Nutan asks whether Dhruv had food or not. Ankita finds a hair on the food. Milky watches everything. She blames Sonam for their situation.

Deeraj says what happened to her. She’s not alone, they all are going through the same but they’re together in this trouble. Nutan tells she had spent years like that but never blamed anyone or stopped supporting my family. She had faith on God and He gave them everything. Shashikant and Sheetal nods yes. Ankita asks if she also need to spend years like that. She hadn’t got married in this house thinking that she will live on the road.

Sonam gets into Dhruv’s room through the window. She applies ointment in his wound. In the morning Shashikant brings money from ATM. He tells to the family, no need to cook food at home. Milky will hurt Dhruv if they ask her something. They will buy food outside. Milky snatches the money. Sonam argues with her. Milky says no one will withdraw money else she will hurt Dhruv. The latter brings tea for Milky.

Shashikant says he will not withdraw money anymore. Milky asks Dhruv to leave. Milky taunts Sonam and asks her to earn money to take care of her family. She says if anyone wants to come inside they can but they have to admit that this house is Milky’s. Ankita says she admits that this house is her and requests to let her come inside. Milky asks Ankita to apologize to her kneeling down. Nuttan and Sonam asks Ankita not to apologize to Milky. Ankita gets inti her knees and apologizes to Milky. Milky takes her inside. Nutan cries.

Pratap and Subhadra come there. Subhadra says situation changes people. Ankita who used to supported her blames her. She can’t do anything now. Sonam says firmly that she will make everything fine. Subhadra gives her money, but Pratap stops her. He takes Subhadra from there. Nutan consoles Sonam. Nutan gives her gold bangle to Sonam. Later Deeraj and Badasa bring a tailor machine. Sonam stiches masks. Nutan and Deeraj sell the masks to people. Milky watches everything.

Sonam gives the money to Nutan. Milky snatches the money. Nutan says it’s Sonam’s hard-earned money. Milky says they didn’t ask her permission to do all this. Sonam argues with her and snatches the money. Milky angrily goes inside the house. She tries to burn Dhruv’s hand with hot spoon but Ankita thows away the spoon. Milky asks she will go against her staying in her house. Ankita tells she may get in trouble if something happened with Dhruv.

Milky takes Dhruv outside. She makes him dance like monkey. Sonam asks her to stop. Milky says it’s Dhruv’s turn to dance like monkey. If she any problem, she should stop selling masks. Sonam refuses. Milky asks Dhruv to dance on the broken glass pieces. Family cries. Sonam says they will stop selling masks. Dhruv hugs her. Milky asks the goon to take him inside. Sonam stops Milky saying she will go straight away to jail. She shows her a video in which Milky is threatening Dhruv. Milky looks shocked.

Precap : Milky shows a video in which Dhruv places his phone in bathroom. Milky tells she recorded Ankita’s bathing video in Dhruv’s mobile. She threatens to make it viral and put the blame on Dhruv. Family looks shocked.