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The episode begins with Raghav comes and asks Sonam to slit her wrist so that he can understand how important that evidence is for her. She says fine this is just a very small amount for the evidence and she is about to slit her wrist but Raghav stops her at the end and says you are brilliant and you impressed me the most at times. He says give me some time and I will think about what I can asks for and you also think that what you can gift to me.

Everyone is in the house notices that Sonam is not present in the house. Dhruv is trying to behave that he is not worried for her. Shashikant comes back home and says I went to meet my brother. He declares Sonam is not with me. Dhruv gets worried but behaves normal in front of all and says let me call her. Sonam comes home and says why so much worry for me not being in the house. Dhruv says no one is worried for you. Shashikant asks all to go and sleep as it’s night already. Sonam wishes him good night too and went to sleep.

Dhruv notices a rose petal in her hair and gets curious. She is arranging her clothes and bringing out a new set of cloth from her bag when Dhruv comes from behind and asks her where she went? She says first of all you shouldn’t interfere in my life and asks me this but still if you are asking then let me tell you I went for a walk. Dhruv asks her from where did a rose petal stuck in your hair? She says ok lemme tell you then, there is a guy in your neighborhood and he asks me to meet him. He is cute also and today he brought flowers for me so I asked him to attach it to my hair. While coming back I take out those flowers but it seems some petals are stuck in my hair.

Dhruv gets angry and drags Sonam so close to him and says do all these meetings outside of the house. Sonam reverts back and says why should I? Is the entire Prayagraj takes breathe on your command? Dhruv leaves her and doesn’t say anything. Sonam is arranging her bed when Dhruv asks the name of the guy. Sonam doesn’t spill the name and wishes him good night. Later in the house of Raghav, his father welcomed him grandly and does celebration. He congratulates Raghav for doing the unthinkable. Raghav gets happy and gives him a victory smile. He says I will now wait for Sonam to revert back because what she needs desperately, only I have that.

Sonam is praying to goddess that I can’t believe all these. She says I know Raghav is not a good person and he will try to encash on my helplessness. However, the evidence he has is the only thing I desperately needs. She is watching the rose petal and Dhruv notices it from far and he thinks she is lost in that guy’s thoughts. He says you have to leave one day then why it is bothering me so much? Next morning, Milky comes and awake Sonam and speaks rubbish. She says that if you don’t go away from this house then I will make you sit in the pros quarter and there you will get new Dhruv everyday.

Sonam tries to teach her a lesson but Milky behaves innocent in front of Dhruv. Dhruv shouts at Sonam and asks her not to behave like this with his wife. Sonam says you can never heard the truth if you made your mind that way. She says I will arrange for evidences at any cost and for that I can put you on stake too and also myself. Dhruv’s mother is shocked and scared to listen to her dedication for the proof.She vows to prove the real case within the remaining six days.

Precap – Sonam goes to meet Raghav and Raghav tries to come close to her and even records it secretly.