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Today’s episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story starts with everybody saw PM’s lockdown announcement speech on TV. Then Sonam said now how will we do marriage, pre-wedding photo shoot everything how? And felt emotional. Then Dhruv tried to convince her that in our country millions of people doing wedding every single day.

And it’s not only us everybody’s marriage will be affected through this lockdown. But it doesn’t mean we felt broken like this, be calm and if lockdown goes long then we will do marriage simply in front of family. Then Sonam says for me wedding and it’s functions both are important and very special, and goes angrily from there to room. Then Dhruv’ Bhaiya comes and said Dhruv to calm Sonam and say sorry for his behavior.

But from this Dhruv’ Maa got happy because as she doesn’t like Sonam much as her daughter-in-law, so she thought it’s a good chance to cancel Dhruv’ marriage with Sonam. On the other side, Sonam’ Dad also thoughts the same and started packing for going from there. But Sonam Mom stops him and tried to convince him that stop finding mistakes in others, but he didn’t understand well. In room, Sonam talking to her friend Riya on call wedding lehnga.

Then Dhruv arrives and said sorry for his behavior to Sonam, then Sonam tells that the wedding is so special for her and wants to make it remember able for her whole life. Then them both goes down to having dinner where Maa tells that in our house after marriage ladies have dinner after her husband. Then, Sonam tried to convince her that there is nothing wrong in having dinner together with husband. Then on hard saying of Sonam, Dhruv and Babuji, Maa and Bhabhi also does dinner with all.

Then after dinner when Sonam’ Mom and Dad goes to sleep their room AC didn’t work rightly. So, Sonam Dad again started complaining about Dhruv’ Family, then Sonam Mom tried to convince him that stop finding mistakes in others at least they know how to manage relationships well, nor like us, who don’t even given time to each other.

P recap- Dhruv and Sonam plans to meet on terrace secretly but family members caught them.