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The episode starts with Nutan, Sheetal trying to convince Dhruv to allow Milky sleep in his room. He finally agrees but tells its only for 3 days and Milky has to sleep on Sofa. They agree.

Ankita is putting dinner on plate, Sheetal comes and says every one ate, whom is this plate for. Nutan comes and asks if its for Sonam, she gives red chillies plate. Ankita leaves with plate. She puts the plate on a table near Sonam and goes away. Dhruv calls for Milky loudly, he sits on Sofa and Milky comes there. Dhruv asks her to bring oil, he is having body pains and asks her to massage. Milky is shy and goes to bring oil. Sonam is teary eyed listening all this.

Dhruv and Sonam reminisce how she used to massage his head. Milky touches Dhruv with oily hand. He shouts at her, he says this is all acting outside the room. No need to do it inside the room. Milky says she thought he really has pains, why is he shouting for it, Dhruv calms down and says she is his childhood friend and shouldn’t do all these.

Nutan, Sheetal come near Sonam and taunt her, they say they will give her food daily and ask if she is jealous of Milky. Nutan asks why she is staring like that, if she will take revenge, Sonam thinks she is in this position because of Nutan and not because of her mistake.Sonam says why will she take revenge when its her mistake. Nutan, Sheetal leave annoyed.

Milky tells Dhruv this may be acting for him, but this is biggest truth of her life. She loved him from childhood and is married to him now. She calls him Raja ji. Dhruv gets annoyed, he asks her not to call him like that. Milky says he rules her heart is Raja ji for her. She offers him head massage but he denies. He says she is planning to come close to him but he won’t allow that.

Dhruv calls his friends and asks for a kidnapper number. They ask why does he need kidnapper number, he is a good man with high principles. He says he didn’t call for character certificate, he wants to send Sonam to Mumbai through kidnappers. His friend is shocked and says everything is going fine, why does he want to send Sonam away. Dhruv says nothing is fine, Milky got into his room because of Sonam and she is falling behind him. He gets the number.

He calls kidnapper and tells them to take Sonam safely to Mumbai, conscious or unconscious. Kidnapper says if they take her in box, she may be injured lightly, if it is okay with him. Dhruv says No, he will give more money but they have to plan nicely and Sonam should not be injured. Dhruv reminisces how he cared when Sonam got injured, how he protected her.

Sonam is thinking about Dhruv and sleeps.

Precap: Kidnappers come wearing PPE kits, Sonam sees them and gets afraid, she hides.