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Milky asks Sonam if she should say our groom or my groom, Sonam says she can say anything, but truth won’t be changed. Sonam narrates a story and says the day truth is out, Milky’s true place will be shown. Milky gets angry and says to talk with respect.

Dhruv friends call, he goes out to meet them. He says Sonam removed ring just like that and returned him as if she forgot 3 years love and has no emotional attachment. He asks for a box, he will put Sonam in it and parcel her. They ask if Sonam is a thing to parcel, Sonam will be hurt if she knows he is thinking to parcel her like a thing. Dhruv tells them to keep in mind that he and Sonam are not together anymore and its better if they stay far away, otherwise they will hurt each other. They leave and Dhruv cries sitting down, he feels why Sonam spoiled everything.

Milky gets ready, Sheetal and Nutan praise her beauty saying a man can’t stay far from pretty lady for long. Milky says what will the girl do if man swore to sleep on Sofa. Sheetal says they can intoxicate Dhruv and make them closer. Nutan says her son doesn’t drink. Milky tells her not to think of her son as sage, he smokes, so he must be drinking also. Nutan says Mumbai girl Sonam made him smoke. Milky says Dhruv drank Bhang first time with her. Nutan is shocked and asks if she drinks Bhang, Milky says only on Holi, that too Dhruv made her drink first time. They think to mix bhang in food and make Dhruv eat it. Nutan says he eat pudina chutney daily, they will mix bhang in it today.

Dhruv friends bring a big box, Shashikant asks what is it. Dhruv says in this lockdown, many people are suffering from lack of food, he is thinking to send food parcels in the box. Shashikant praises him for good thought and tells him to do good works at home too.

Night, Dhruv calls kidnappers and tells them that door will be open and to take Sonam at 12 am who sleeps in the corner. He is under affect of bhang and sees Sonam’s photo in his phone lovingly. He sees Sonam in Milky and goes close to her but when clock rings 12 he stops and remembers his words to kidnappers.

Kidnappers come but they don’t find Sonam. Sonam is hiding behind temple, Dhruv friend dropped a chit for her after leaving box, it says kidnappers will come night and she has to be careful. Sonam hits a thing by mistake and kidnappers hears the sound, they move towards the temple, they hit a thing on the way and Shashikant, Nutan come hearing sound. Nutan says it may be cat, let’s go and sleep, they leave. Sonam thinks to shout, everyone will wake up, but she stops as everyone will know of Dhruv’s action by that.

Precap: Sonam thinks if Dhruv hates her so much, he hired kidnappers to get rid of her.