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The episode starts with Dhruv calling out maa. Nutan comes rushing followed by Milky and Sheetal. He’s hitching all over the body. Nutan checks the blanket and her hands also starts itching. She asks Dhruv to take bath. She cuts the blanket with a scissors and burn it. Milky asks she burned a costly blanket.

Nutan says nothing is costlier for her than her son. She will burn whatever is troubling his son. Milky and Sheetal looks stunned. Sheetal advises Milky to be careful and not to disturb Dhruv else Nutan will harm her too. Sheetal tells Nutan to let Milky feed the medecine to Dhruv so that their relation get better. Nutan agrees and leaves. Milky angrily tells to Sheetal she has to act as a mother for a five years kid. When this will end.

Nutan tells to Ankita Dhruv’s likes and dislikes and asks to take care of it while cooking for Dhruv. She gives Dhruv’s food plate to Milky. She asks her to feed Dhruv with her own hands like a mother. Milky tries to feed Dhruv. The latter refuses to have food. Milky gets irritated and pinches him. He shouts in pain. He calls Nutan.

Milky closes his mouth. She says she’s like his friend and tries to feed him again. Dhruv bites her finger. He shows his tongue like a kid. Milky asks to have at least the milk and have the medicine, but he pushes her hand away and run from there. Nutan scolds Milky for not being able to make Dhruv have the medecins. She asks her to make some efforts.

Dhruv comes to the park. He sees kids playing with jumping robes. Sonam comes there. She calls out Buddy. Dhruv shows her the kids saying they can jump together and have fun. Sonam asks the kids shall they join them. The kids says this is only for kids and they’re elder. When Dhruv says he’s also a kid, the kids says he’s not wearing clothes like them and calls Dhruv a liar. Dhruv says he wants kids clothes and angrily runs from there. Sonam tries to stop him in vain. She wonders how to fulfill his demand.

Dhruv comes back home. He shouts and demands Nutan to buy kids clothes for him right now. Nutan, Milky and Sheetal take him to a shop. Dhruv sees the clothes aren’t his size. He shouts he wants clothes of his size. Sonam comes there. Dhruv sees her. She signs him to come out. Dhruv runs out of the shop along with Sonam. She takes him to another shop. She asks to buy the clothes he likes. Nutan, Milky and Sheetal search for Dhruv. Sonam drags Dhruv inside a trial room seeing Nutan coming to that shop. She searches for Dhruv. Sonam puts her finger on Dhruv’s lip when he’s about to call Maa. She takes his measurements. She asks not to tell anyone about their meeting. Dhruv agrees.

Dhruv comes running to Nutan. She cries hugging him. She asks not to do like this. His mom can’t live without him. Dhruv is about to tell he was with his buddy but he stops. They turn to leave and sees Sonam there. Nutan asks her why she’s keep following her son inspite of her warnings. Sonam says it’s was a coincidence. She has come for shopping. She cries. Dhruv wipes her tears. He plays with her hair and they laugh. Nutan takes him saying not to talk to strangers.

Sonam stiches clothes for Dhruv. She sends the clothes through a man. He gives the clothes to the Jaiswal. Shashikant pays him. Dhruv gets happy. He tries the clothes one by one. Sonam watches everything through the video call.

The episode ends.

Precap : The man who has delivered Dhruv’s clothes comes back. He tells Nutan that Sonam had send the clothes. Nutan scolds Sonam through the video call. She burns the clothes. Dhruv comes there and cries.