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Nutan says who would have thought a poll will be conducted for Sonam, this house is being divided because of her, making it war ground. Sheetal tells her she holds this house together, half members with love, half members with fear. No one will vote against her. Nutan says not to underestimate her brother, he thought and made a plan. Sheetal tells her to talk with all family and make them in favor of her.

Ankita and Dheeraj are discussing about poll, he says he can’t go against his mother, she says its not about against, its about right or wrong. He asks what is right or wrong, he agrees with Dhruv, sending Sonam out is the only solution for bringing peace in this house. Nutan hears it and comes to Dheeraj, she talks emotionally with him and asks for vote. She taunts Ankita saying wife supports husband in every right decision.

Sonam prays to God, Shashikant asks God to fulfill all her wishes. She went through many hardships, this house will be her culprit if she leaves with sadness. A boy asks Shashikant if he is not doing publicity, Nutan is doing Saam Daam Dand Bhed to win. Shashikant says standing with right doesn’t need any publicity. Sneha gives water to Dhruv and talks emotionally about Sonam. Nutan asks Sneha to vote to her, she will buy her laptop.

Family members gather and voting starts, Shashikant gives first vote in Sonam’s team, Nutan gives first vote in anti-Sonam team. Shashikant asks Dheeraj to vote, he is elder son of the house, Dheeraj says his mother always supported him, even if did any mistakes in childhood, she would fight with others for him instead of scolding him. On the other hand, his father slapped him infront of others for every mistake. He used to think his mother was right but as he grew up he understood father’s strictness is necessary as much as mother’s love.

Today he has to make a right decision and stands with his father. Nutan tries to slap Dheeraj but Shashikant stops him saying she should not influence people to vote. Its Dhruv turn now, he is clear, he wants Sonam to leave the house, he stands with his mother. Next turn is Ankita, she says few minutes back, Mummy ji told her to support husband in right decisions, she will do the same. She stands in Sonam’s team.

Nutan gets angry and asks Sheetal to vote, Sheetal says first let kids to vote, she will come later. Its Milky’s turn, she says she is younger daughter-in-law, she learns from elders, she will stand with her husband just like Ankita did. She holds Dhruv’s hand and comes to anti-Sonam team. Now each side has 3 votes.

Shashikant says Milky’s vote is only half as Dhruv only told its half marriage on that day, she didn’t become this house daughter-in-law full fledgedly. Its Sneha’s turn to vote, she says she need laptop that Mom promised, but she also can’t let go Sonam out in this lockdown, she votes in favor of Sonam.

Precap: Sheetal votes for her brother.