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The episode starts with the man, who delivered the clothes, telling Nutan that Sonam has arranged these clothes. FB is shown where Sheetal sees Sonam giving the clothes to the man. Later she gives him money asking to tell him the truth. Sheetal and Milky shake hands. Nutan video calls Sonam. She scolds Sonam for sending Dhruv. She tells she won’t accept anything from her. She tears the clothes. Sonam pleads with Nutan to stop. Nutan burns the clothes. Dhruv comes downstairs shouting. He cries. Nutan says she will get him new clothes and takes him away. Nutan makes Dhruv lies on her lap and sings a song to console Dhruv.

The next day morning, the Jaiswal receives a parcel in which there are new clothes for Dhruv. Nutan asks if it was again sent by Sonam. Shashikant says Sneha told we can buy clothes online, so he has ordered. Nutan tells that’s good he has told, else she would have burned it as well. Dhruv happily checks the clothes. Shashikant goes to a corner. He phones Sonam. He thanks her. He says she bought the materials again, made the clothes sitting whole night and herself came to place the parcel. He blesses her.

Later Sonam makes Dhruv’s drawing. She prays to Goddess for Dhruv’s recovery. Dhruv comes to the park wearing the T-shirt made by Sonam. He finds Sonam sleeping merging her back on a tree. He shouts near her hear. Sonam compliments him. Dhruv asks why her eyes are red. Sonam says she was tired after a long day and could not sleep well. She tells he lools fresh and handsome.

Dhruv rubs his palms and covers Sonam eyes. He tells his mom used to do like when her eyes were red. Sonam thanks him and kisses his plams. Dhruv gets happy when the kids say he can play with them. Dhruv and Sonam plays with the kids. While playing a kid gets hurt. Kids parents scold Dhruv. Sonam apologizes to them in Dhruv’s place. She explains Dhruv’s situation to them. The parents says hereafter the kids will not play with him and asks to take him away. The kids start shouting cheater. Dhruv runs away.

At the Jaiswal’s Nutan has called the Pandit ji. Dhruv comes back home. He cries hugging his mom. Nutan asks what happened. Dhruv says the parents of kids scoled him and called insane. He asks if he’s insane. Nutan wipes his tears and consoles him. She tells that hereafter he will not go out to play.

Sonam watches everything through video call. Nutan sends Dhruv with with Deeraj and Ankita asking him to play with them. Nutan asks the Pandit to tell any remedy for Dhruv’s recovery. Pandit asks Nutan and her daughter-in-law to fast the whole day and at night they should have food without salt and masala. Nutan says she can anything for his son. Sonam hears everything. Nutan brings Milky. Nutan tells Milky Pandit has given a remedy for Dhruv’s recovery. Being Dhruv’s wife, she has to do the remedy with her. Milky looks at Sheetal who sig

Sonam tells Subhadra not to make food for her. She will have straight away dinner without salt and masala. Subhadra says Nutan will not like it. Sonam says she’s not going to tell Nutan. Nutan is doing for her son while she’s doing for her love. Dhruv is playing with Ankita and Deeraj. Deeraj and Ankita get tired.

Sneha comes there. She calls him to make paintings. Dhruv pours the pains on Sneha. He shouts he wants to play police thief. Sneha, Deeraj and Ankita run away. Dhruv gets upste that no one wants to play with him. He notices Sonam on video call in Sneha’s mobile. Sonam makes him laugh by making funny gestures. Milky and Sheetal come there. Milky checks the phone.

The episode ends.

Precap : Sonam comes to meet Dhruv. Dhruv shouts amma. Sonam reminds him that he shouldn’t tell anyone about them meeting. Dhruv agrees. Nutan comes to check. Sonam looks shocked.