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The episode starts with Subhadra and Pratap asking Sonam to return to Mumbai. Shashikant brings Dhruv there. Dhruv hugs Sonam calling out buddy. Pratap tells to Shashikant he’s destroying Sonam’s life along with his mentaly ill son. He pushes Dhruv away. Shashikant says he’s making fun of his son rather than supporting him. Sonam tries to go to Dhruv. Pratap pushes her away. Dhruv pushes Pratab. Nutan and Sheetal come there. Pratap gets hurt. He tries to harm Dhruv but Sonam stops him.

Sonam angrily says he knows Dhruv’s stiuation yet he’s acting like that in his ego. Sonam notices Nutan. The latter tells to Shashikant he’s also cheating her. Sheetal lwas right. He and sneha are with Sonam. Sneha confessed everything. Nutan tells she’s taking her son and asks Pratap to take his daughter away. Dhruv refuses to leave his buddy. Dhruv and Sonam hold each other’s hand. Sonam asks him to go with his mom. Nutan forcibly takes him from there. Pratap leaves asking Subhadra not to let Sonam go out.

At the Jaiswals, Dhruv shouts asking why they don’t let him meet his buddy. He throws things away. Nutan shouts at Dhruv asking him to go to his room. Dhruv silently walks away. Nutan blames Shashikant. She says hereafter she and Milky will look after Dhruv. Milky panics hearing She tells Sheetal couldn’t take Dhruv’s responsibility. Sheetal asks to use the opportunity, she will rule in this house.

Pratap brings asylum people to the Jaiswals. He says there’s a mentally ill person in this house who harmed him. He asks them to take to the mental hospital before he harms anyone else. Nutan and Shashikant look shocked. Sonam tells Subhadra that Dad is doing wrong. She pleads with her to let her go if she really loves her. She will not be happy if she goes back to Mumbai. Dhruv needs her. She asks her to understand her. She cries. Subhadra kisses her. She signs her to go. Sonam leaves.

Nutan stops the men. She says Pratap considers her as his ennemy. he’s using them against her. No one is mentally ill in this house. Milky tells Dhruv that people have come to take his buddy away from him. She asks if he will not help her. Dhruv say he will help her. Pratap says Nutan is lying. Sonam comes there. She defends Dhruv in front of her dad. She asks the asylum people to leave. She apologizes to Nutan for her dad’s behavior. The asylum people refuses to leave with examining Dhruv. Milky gives a stick in Dhruv’s hand.

Dhruv’s comes running. He beats up the men. Pratap holds Sonam. Sonam cries. Nutan and Shashikant tries to stop him. The men give an injection to Dhruv and take him from there. Pratap and Subhadra are taking Sonam to Mumbai in car. Sonam stops the car on the pretext of stomach pain. She runs away.

At the mental hospital, Dhruv is put inside a closed ward. Nutan tells to doctor that her son got hurt in his head so he’s acting as a five years kid. He isn’t danger nor mentally ill. She cries. Doctor says they will examine Dhruv. Sonam comes to the hospital. The ward boys stop her. She acts as mad. They think she’s one of the hospitals patient. They take her indide. They put her in the same room where Dhruv is. Dhruv hugs Sonam. He cries saying he’s scared.

Doctor tells Nutan and Shashikant that their son is violent. They will let him go after examining him. Nutan requests to be with Dhruv untill that. Doctor agrees. A ward boy take them to Dhruv. They get shocked seeing an empty room. The ward boy tells they have locked both in this room. Nutan asks who both. The ward boy tells both called each other buddy. Nutan says Sonam.

Sonam brings Dhruv to a hotel. She asks to give them a room. She gives her earrings in the place of money. She asks what’s there to eat. The receptionist says the cook has left. Nutan argues with a doctor. She asks to call police. Shashikant tells her Dhruv will be safe with Sonam. Nutan doesn’t asks Doctor to call police, else she will complaint against him. Doctor calls police. Sonam makes food for Dhruv. She feeds Dhruv. Dhruv asks if he csn feed her. She says she’s fasting. She gives fruits to him. Dhruv feeds her apple.

The episode ends.

Precap: Nutan tells her family she has something important to talk with Sonam. Nutan begs Sonam to return her son. Sonam kneels down in front of Nuttan and tells she can’t.