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The episode starts with Sonam caring Dhruv. Pratap and Subhadra come to the Police station asking Police’s help to find Sonam. The hotel receptionist sees the missing news report of Dhruv and Sonam on TV. He informs Police. Sonam and Dhruv run away before Police reach the hotel. Dhruv gets tired of running. They sleep on a roadside.

At the police station, Nutan and Pratap argue balming each other. Pratap receives Sonam’s call. Nutan asks to put the call on loudspeaker. Sonam tells Pratap if he hadn’t brought people from asylum, this all wouldn’t have happened. Nutan asks to return her son. Sonam asks them to first withdraw the complaint they’ve given on each other else she will run away with Dhruv. Pratap and Nutan agrees.

Nutan prays to Goddess. Sonam brings Dhruv to the Jaiswals. Nutan hugs Dhruv crying. Nutan stops Sonam from leaving. Nutan tells her family she has something important to talk to Sonam and ask them to witness the same. She takes Sonam to the temple.

Nutan tells she’s tired of fighting with her, she accepts her defeat in front her. She begs Sonam to return her son and goes away from his life forever. Dhruv’s life will be problematic untill she’s with him. She request Sonam to go away. Sonam joins her hands kneeling down. Sonam tells she always considered her as her mother so it’s her duty to accept all her requests but she can’t accept this one. She apologizes to Nutan for the same. Sonam further tells both of their motive is to make Dhruv well and she will not back off from her motive for anyone. Nutan looks stunned. She apologizes to Nutan again. She leaves crying.

Dhruv angrily shouts at Nutan for hurting his budy. He keeps asking Nutan why she doesn’t like her, what’s her mistake, why she always sending her away. Milky tells Dhruv that because he’s buddy is a bad girl and calls her witch. Dhruv angrily throws the juice on Milky. Dhruv says Milky is bad. He tells Nutan his buddy is the best, she takes care of him. Nutan scolds Dhruv. She says Sonam is very bad. She asks him to go to his room. Dhruv goes to Shashikant. He says mom always sends his buddy away. He asks why he doesn’t do anything. He cries pleading with him to bring back his buddy. Shashikant he can’t bring her now. Dhruv says they all are bad. No one understands him. He runs away.

Sonam is praying to God. Pratap comes there with the luggages. He asks her to come with him. Sonam firmly says she’s not coming anywhere leaving Dhruv. Pratap tries to trun off the Diya but Sonam holds his hand. Pratap asks her to choose between her family and Dhruv. Sonam says that’s fine if he doesn’t want to support her, she chooses Dhruv. Pratap tells she’s going to regret her decision. Sonam says if he couldn’t bless her then at least don’t curse her. Subhadra refuses to go with Pratap. Subhadra says she doesn’t agree with Sonam but being a mother she can’t leave her daughter alone whe she needs her the most. Pratap leaves.

Doctor is checking a sick Dhruv. He keeps repeating Buddy. Shashikant tells Nutan she’s not doing any good to Dhruv by keeping Sonam away from him. He tells Dhruv will get well, if she brings Sonam. Nutan tells him not worry about Dhruv, as his mom will take care of him. Doctor tells to Nutan Dhruv is emotionally disturbed. He tells him to feed soup and buy the prescripted medicine. Sheetal says Milky will take care of Dhruv. Milky asks how she can do.

Sheetal takes Milky to a corner. She tells her to utilize the situation. Milky says it’s easy to advise but she has to feed Dhruv. She can’t do it anymore. She feels like to break his hands and legs. They become quiet seeing Nutan. Sheetal says Milky will feed soup to Dhruv. Milky agrees. Nutan goes downstairs. She sees Shashikant bringing luggages. She questions him about the same. She gets shocked seeing Sonam.

Precap: Nutan asks Shashikant to send either Sonam out or her. Shashikant says Sonam will stay here. Nutan looks shocked.