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The episode starts with Nutan asking Shashikant if he got any information about Dhruv. Shashikant says no. They both sadly sit outside holding each other hand. The next day, the Jaiswals find another sweet box placed at their door step. Shashikant reads the letter. The kidnappers ask to place the money in the temple’s donation box at night and warns not to inform police else they will kill Dhruv. Sheetal blames Sonam. She asks what game she’s playing. Sonam tells Nuttan she and her dad are innocent. Nuttan balmes her saying she had taken Dhruv outside to get ice cream.

Shashikant suggests to give the letter to Police. Nuttan asks Shashikant to do as the kidnappers asked. She doesn’t want anything happen to Dhruv. She cries. Milky and her mom come. Milky says she prayed for Dhruv and offered ladu to God. Dhe also decided to feed poor people. Nutan tells to do whatever she wants, she just want her son back. She cries sitting in front of Goddess. Shashikant and Deeraj leave to arrange the ransom. Sheetal asks Milky to continue her acting.

Sonam leaves taking the sweet box. Otherside Dhruv unties himself. Sonam goes to the sweet shop. She shows the box and asks if it’s from his shop. On seeing the box, the shop owner says the sweets aren’t from his shop as it’s not made of ghee. Sonam walks away. Dhruv sees Sonam from the balcony. He tries to shout but the goons close his mouth taking him inside.

At the Jaiswals, Milky donate food for poor people. Milky asks Badasha to distribute the lados. Badasha tells that the lado smells similar to the one sent by the kidnappers. Sonam tastes the ladu. Sonam tells Nutan she got to know where Dhruv is. Everyone is gathered in hall. Nutan requests Sonam to tell where Dhruv is. Sonam requests her to wait until Police come. Just then Police come there. Sonam takes Police to Milky’s house. She says she’s certain Milky and her mom have kidnapped Dhruv. Milky says she is trying to put the blame on her. Sonam snatches Milky’s phone and requests Police to search Milky house.

Police starts the search. Sonam finds a locked room. She asks the inspector to check that room. The inspector opens that room and finds it empty. The constables say they didn’t find Dhruv. Milky asks Sonam if she’s taking revenge on her. Sonam wonders where’s Dhruv. At the jaiswals Badasha sees few men bringing new wardrobe. They place it in Dhruv’s room. It’s revealed Dhruv is inside that wardrobe.

The family comes back home. Nuttan asks Sonam to stop her game. She begs Sonam to return her son. Shashikant tries to console Nuttan. The latter says Dhruv is under medication. if he doesn’t take the medecine, how he will get well. She cries. Sonam runs upstairs crying. Milky recalls what happened. A FB shown Milky mom informs her that Dhruv saw her face. Milky says if Dhruv opens his mouth they have to go to jail. She decides to kill Dhruv and put the blame on Sonam.

Sonam goes to Dhruv’s room. She cries holding Dhruv’s photo. She talks to the photo. She asks where he’s. Everyone is blaming her and no one believes her. She cries. She hears some noice. She notices the wardrobe. She gets suspicious. She opens the wardrobe. She gets shocked seeing an unconscious Dhruv. A masked man comes there. He tries to stab Dhruv. Sonam pushes him away. She holds his hand. The masked man pushes Sonam away. He stabs Dhruv. Sonam looks shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap : Milky calls out the family. Everyone shocked seeing Sonam holding the knife. Milky says Sonam killed her husband. Nuttan questions Sonam.