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The episode starts with the masked man trying to stab Dhruv. Sonam holds the knife. Her hand starts bleeding. The masked man run away. Milky comes there. She thinks Dhruv is dead. She screams asking the family to come. Everyone looks shocked. Milky says Sonam killed her husband. They check Dhruv. Sheetal calls Police.

Nutan questions Sonam she has killed her son, what was his mistake. Dhruv gain consciousness and says Sonam hasn’t done anything. Milky is shocked. Dhruv says Milky and her mom tied him to a chair and tried to kill him since he saw their face. Nuttan is shocked. Milky says Dhruv might’ve seen any nightmare. Dhruv denies. Sheetal says we can ask Police not to come as we got Dhruv back fine. Nutan says to call the Police.

Nuttan angrily tells to Milky she has gone against her family and made her daughter-in-law of this house, but she tried to kill her son, for that she and her mom have to go to jail. She raise her hand to slap her but Milky holds her hand. Milky pushes Nutan. Sonam holds Nutan. Milky threatens saying if they call police, she will complain against Dhruv and Dhruv will become old before he can prove her wrong. Sheetal asks if she lost her mind, how she can be ungrateful. Milky asks her not to act in front of her. She got fed up of her advice. She says she will not leave anyone. Sonam says her truth has come out, let Police come. She will definitely get punished for her crimes. Sonam further says they will all bear witness against her. Nutan says they are not affraid of her. They will tell police what happened and even Dhruv will tell what she did with him. Dhruv nods yes.

Milky tears her clothes. Milky says if Police come, she will tell them Dhruv tried to abuse her and he’s acting as a five years old kid. She says before her, Dhruv will go to jail. Shashikant phones Police and refuses them to come as they got back Dhruv. Sonam says they can’t get scared of Milky’s threatens, she did very wrong with Dhruv. She tries to call police. Nutan stops her. She requests her not call Police as Dhruv will have to suffer more. Sonam tells Police to relase her dad, as they got Dhruv back. Nutan thanks her. Nutan asks Milky to get out. Nutan and Sheetal drag Milky and throw her out.

Sonam tells Dhruv that she’s leaving since he returned his home and he is safe here. Dhruv nods no. She requests him. Nutan apologizes to Sonam. She says she realized her mistake. She says she’s the best buddy for her Dhruv. Dhruv asks if she will let her buddy stay in the house. Nutan says yes, hereafter they have to stay together. Nutan hugs Dhruv and Sonam.

Milky and her mom come there with goons. Milky asks them to get out of her house. She says this is her house and shows legal papers. Shashikant gets shocked reading the documents and finding Dhruv’s signature. A FB is shown how Milky cunningly made Dhruv write his name in blank papers. FB ends. She orders the goons to get them out. The goon forcibly throw them out.

Sonam and the family members made a tent to stay near the house. Nutan says they will go nowhere leaving their house. They will not let Milky win. Pratap and Subhadra come there. They tell Sonam to come with them to Mumbai. Nutan tells them Sonam is their responsibility. She apologizes to them for all the trouble.

The episode ends.

Precap : Milky burns Dhruv’s hand with a hot spoon. Dhruv shouts in pain. She threatens to kill Nutan and Sonam if he doesn’t listen to her.