It’s been a year since the first 21 days of lockdown was announced in India last year amid the Covid-19 crisis worldwide. Since then life has not been the same. A lot of things changed in the way we have been leading our lives. Celebs talk about the major lifestyle changes coronavirus brought about. Read on:

Delnaaz Irani:

If I talk about myself, I think I have started valuing everything, little joys of life like having a meal together. Facing the financial crunch made me realise how we should invest wisely and be prepared for a rainy day. I have also understood that nothing, yes nothing in this world is more important than your family and friends, and that I have also learnt to be more grateful to God for everything I have.

Meera Deosthale:

Well initially when the lockdown started I was on full vacation mood, I used to sleep at 4 am- 5 am, used to watch Netflix and everything but then six months down the line I figured that it’s not a healthy lifestyle. So I started concentrating on my sleep timing, eating and workout habit to make sure I am more productive. Since there was not much work maintaining a healthy mind and staying positive was also important. I also tried reading books and started spending more time with family.

Nyra Banerjee:

I’ve always been someone who makes time for family and friends. Whenever I would get some time off I would take my mother and brother out for lunch or dinner. I do that with friends too. This lockdown made me realise that I have been doing the right thing. And it has helped me learn to make an effort to speak with and meet up people who matter to me. My lifestyle has always been healthy, at the same time I would indulge in junk food as well. But it was my dancing and kick boxing routine that helped me stay fit. So this lockdown has affected me mentally and less physically. I have learnt to take care of my mind, my emotions. It’s important to stay happy to lead a healthy life.

Sharad Malhotra:

The first thing I have understood is that not to take life and the relationships that are part of your universe for granted. That hygiene and cleanliness are important. Washing your hands, sanitising your home, car or surrounding, wearing a mask is a healthy habit. Maintaining social distancing is difficult but we have to abide by it given the pandemic is still not over. I have started enjoying Nature and doing more about the environment. It made me realise who more I can do to not add to the pollution and preserve natural resources. I feel this pandemic is a like nice wake-up call to the world, making us humans realize how we have been taking things be it our life or Nature for granted. It has also made us realise that life is unpredictable and anything can happen anytime.