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The episode starts with Kailash bringing Vaiju to home and rudely tells her to place her bed somewhere. Kaveri calls to talk to her and advises her to adjust to new village’s rules and take care of herself. Vaiju asks about Jaya’s improvement but Kaveri tells she is in same condition as she was. Rannvijay sits beside Jaya and Vasundhara comes there. He tells about how Jaya always kept smiling and now she is in such condition and none of doctors are able to treat her. Vasundhara suggests him to go to Nandi temple and seek blessings from God instead.

Vasundhara says to Rannvijay that prayers are powerful and might show him a new way. Rannvijay reaches temple while on other hand , Vaiju at home also prays for Jaya. Rannvijay prays for Jaya and so does Vaiju. Kailash gives Vaiju some papers to sign. The latter asks about what it is and Kailash says that it’s some land in village which is on Jaya’s name and Jaya will not be coming to village so he wants to get it on his name. But Vaiju denies taking anything that belongs to Jaya.

Ayo Saheb scolds Vasundhara for thinking about everyone but not herself. He tells about her blood pressure is raised and still she is insisting to go outside. Rannvijay comes there and questions where she wants to go. Vasundhara tells that she wants to go to check on Vaiju but Rannvijay says her not to leave as Kaveri has already talked to her and she is doing well. Vasundhara gives Rannvijay gold chain gifted by Durga which is last belonging of her father. So she advises Rannvijay to go and give it to Vaiju as it will help her.

Vaiju returns home and her grandmother asks reason behind her being so late. Vaiju says she was looking for work but couldn’t find any at fields. Though she found someone who works at swing making factory. Her grandmother tells about being very far but Vaiju says she will manage. Vasundhara tells Rannvijay to go to Jhumri patak and give it to Vaiju. Vaiju gets fed by her grandmother and she recalls having same curry made by Durga and gets emotional. Suddenly they notice that heavy rain might be coming. Vaiju is about to leave for work but her grandmother says it’s bad omen and she should not leave. However Kailash gives her umbrella and asks her to go and earn money.

Vaiju reaches factory and asks for work but owner denies to it. Suddenly there is power cut and Vaiju fixes the wires making the lights come back. Everyone applauds for Vaiju and she gets permission to work too. She is given condition to make thirty swings each day and Vaiju accepts it. Rannvijay reaches Kailash’s home and says he wants to meet Vaiju. Rannvijay gets surprised to know she is at work in such bad weather. The episode ends with Vaiju’s grandmother calling her but being busy in stitching she doesn’t receive it.


Rannvijay and Vaiju will be forced by villagers to get married.

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Maati Se Bandhi Dor 25th June 2024 Written Update: Vaiju takes a tough decision