On the occasion of Mother’s Day, renowned television actress Madirakshi Mundle expresses her gratitude and admiration for her mother (Kusum Joshi). The actress who is currently seen in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, shared a heartfelt message dedicated to the woman who has been her pillar of strength and inspiration throughout her life. Madirakshi, who rose to fame with her portrayal of Sita in the epic mythological series “Siya Ke Ram,” shared her emotions into a heartfelt message, acknowledging the immense sacrifices her mother made to support her dreams and aspirations. “Behind every successful woman, there is a mother who believed in her,” she said.

Reflecting on the profound influence of motherhood on her career and personal journey, Madirakshi expressed how her mother’s unwavering love and encouragement had propelled her forward during both triumphs and trials. “My mother is not just my parent but also my best friend, confidante, and guiding light,” she shared, emphasizing the irreplaceable role her mother plays in her life.

The actress also took the opportunity to extend her appreciation to all mothers, acknowledging their resilience, selflessness, and boundless love. “Motherhood is the epitome of strength, love, and sacrifice. Today, I salute every mother for their endless devotion and unwavering support,” she added, echoing sentiments shared by millions around the world on this special day dedicated to maternal love.