Producer-writer Mahesh Pandey is in awe of producer Ekta Kapoor and her style of producing a show. The former says that he is very excited about her show Naagin 4. “Naagin is a big property and like every year, it will be successful this year as well. It’s like when you know Raj Kumar Hirani makes a movie, we have to watch. It’s a show of the masses and I love the genre,” he says. 


The producer says that the supernatural space has always excited the audience. “This space is such that I personally feel that supernatural dramas and costume drama are loved by everyone as they make people curious. They want to know more about it. They want to know more about this zone.

People in rural areas are more curious as they want to know more about the ancient facts and details like how a Naagin leaves her skin every 24 hours. We have always seen that a Naagin comes back to take her revenge, these things excite people. So Naagin is such a big brand that people want to know more about love, revenge and everything around it,” he says.