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The episode starts with Dadi saying to Aparjita that if Akshay planned something then he would have done something by now. Dadi says to Aparjita that she wouldn’t have to wear the ring today. Akshay knocks on the door and asks why did they lock the door? Aparajita reminds Dadi that this Akshay is 20 years before Akshay and he wouldn’t stay clam until they celebrate their anniversary. Chavi opens the door. Akshay asks Aparajita who closed the door? Aparajita says Disha might have closed the door as only she would do these kind of things. Akshay agrees.

Mohini says to Manish that she also wants Aparajita to wear that ring. Manish asks Mohini about her plan. Mohini says she is going to apply this checimal substance to inner ring surface and after Aparajita wears the ring it will show it’s effect. Mohini asks Manish to get that ring from Akshay so that she could appply this chemical substance to the ring inner surface. Mansih asks Mohini what is this chemical?

Akshay asks Aparajita to come on a date with him for their marriage anniversary celebration. Aparajita doesn’t agree at first but Akshay says then he will go Manish’s house. Aparajita hearing this agrees to go on a date with him. Disha asks Akshay if they can come with them. Akshay agrees. Akshay goes to get ready. Dadi asks Disha why are they going with them. Disha says the reason behind it. Dadi also agrees and says to Aparajita that she doesn’t have to wear the ring if the girls are with them.

Aparajita recalls what happened and says to Chavi that she doesn’t want to get ready and comments on it.

Manish and Mohini come to meet Akshay. Asha tries to see what are they doing but Mohini stops Asha and closes the door on her face. Mansih asks Akshay to show him the ring that he is going to gift Aparajita. Akshay agrees and shows the ring to Mansih. Mohini acts as if she slipped and falls on Akshay. The ring falls on the floor. Mohini says she will get the ring. Akshay agrees. Manish keeps Akshay busy and Mohini puts the chemical substance on the ring’s inner surface. Asha comes and says to Aparajita that Mohini and Mansih are with Akshay. Aparajita worries about what Manish and Mohini will do with Akshay and goes to them. Akshay takes the ring from Mohini. Aparajita comes to them and asks what are they doing? Akshay makes up a reason and covers it up.

The girls get in the car. Aparajita says she doesn’t want to go to the hotel as she is having headache. Akshay seeing this says to Aparajita that she can take rest in the house and asks them to go to the hotel. Akshay sends the girls away to spend time with Aparajita in the house alone. Aparajita sees that Akshay has planned a candle light dinner in the house.

Disha thinks Akshay might have planned all this to send them away to spend time with Aparajita. Chavi asks Disha what is wrong with Akshay doing it. Disha reminds Chavi that Aparajita doesn’t want to celebrate this marriage anniversary she doesn’t want to wear this ring. Chavi asks Disha why does she have the ring? Disha says she replaced the ring box with a lookalike box and took this ring. Chavi and Disha argue about this ring. Asha stops their argument and says this ring is going to be with her for the time being and wears the ring. Akshay searches the whole room for the ring. Mohini and Manish sees that Akshay has lost the ring. Mohini thinks how can she execute her plan if Aparajita doesn’t wear the ring. Asha feels dizzy after wearing the ring. Chavi and Disha ask the driver to stop the car. The driver say he couldn’t stop the car as the breaks have failed. Disha gets a call Aparajita. Disha tells Aparajita that the car is not stopping as it’s breaks failed. Aparajita tells Disha to tell the driver to slow down the car as much as possible. Disha’s call gets disconnected. Disha tells the driver to drive the car slowly. Akshay comes and asks Aparajita about the ring. Aparajita asks Akshay which hotel did he send the girls? Akshay doesn’t answer. Aparajita says she will find out and tries to leave. Akshay stops Aparajita and asks why is she behaving like this from when he came from the hospital? Aparajita sees that Akshay is having headache again and takes him to his bed. Aparajita gives medicine to Akshay and he takes it. Aparajita worrying about the children tries to Disha but she doesn’t pick it up. Aparajita later calls the doctor and asks him to come to her house but the doctor says he couldn’t as he is out of town. Aparajita calls the girls again but she only hears shouts from the other side.

Episode ends.