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The episode starts with Akshay saying to the police that Aparajita is his wife and they are his children. Chavi thinks Akshay has recalled his memory. Disha thinks Akshay didn’t recall his memory as he didn’t confront Aparajita. Akshay acts as if he is calling the home minister. The inspector asks Akshay who is he calling? Akshay says he is calling the home minister and they know each other well as they work together and says he works as a state intelligence officer. The inspector believes Akshay’s story and apologises to him and releases the girls. Mohini recalls what happened and thinks if Akshay really recalled his memory or not. All the girls come and hug Aparajita. Akshay asks Aparajita how is her health? Chavi hugs Akshay. Akshay says no one is seeing and there is no need to do over acting. Chavi leaves him. Akshay asks them why are they looking at them like this and says if Aparajita can act like their mom then why can’t he act like their father. Mohini hearing this thinks her plan is not working. Mohini sees the inspector and acts as if she is talking on the phone with her brother. Mohini says that Akshay made a fool of the inspector by lying to him and she makes sure that the inspector overhears her talking. The inspector overhears and understands that he has been fooled so he comes to Akshay and gets him arrested along with the girls.

Aparajita takes Mohini to a side and argues with Mohini about how can she do this kind of thing. Mohini says everything is fare in love and war. Mohini says in half an hour Manish is going to bring a lawyer and she is going to get Akshay released. Mohini says she can also get her daughters released but she needs Aparajita to reveal the truth. Aparajita says she can’t force Akshay to recall his memory otherwise he will face a brain hemorrhage. She says I didn’t want Akshay but I’m fulfilling this responsibility for my daughters. Mohini says you’re lying and decide if you want Akshay or your daughters as I won’t let them get released and keak this information to Press too. She asks if she wants to also her. Aparajita says I want to slap you but I will do it in my way and it’s a promise of mom that I will save my daughters without harming Akshay. Mohini asks her to get defeated in her hands. She leaves.

Aparajita sees Cctv and decides to use the footage. She tries to call lady inspector with signs. Akshay notices Aparajita and sends the Lady inspector to Aparajita. Aparajita requests Damini to do her another favour to release her daughter. The Lady inspector says she will help her if she can. Manish comes to the police station and tells Inspector that he came to give bail to Akshay. Mohini tells Akshay that he will be fine. Akshay says he is worried for the kids. Mohini asjs him to not worry and asks him to make Aoarajita call theitvreal parents to sort out the issue. Akshay says it’s a good idea. Aparajita comes there and says she bought a proof to prove her daughters innocence. She calls Ragini. Ragini brings driver who left Chavi, Disha, and Asha in the taxi stand. She asks him to tell the truth. Mohini and Manish feel scared.

Episode ends.