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The episode starts with Sadhu asking Janvi to arrange for everything that Aryaman needs for his dance. Janvi agrees.

Sadhu calls Raina and says he arranged the trainee to do Dhanuchi dance just like she asked of him. Raina thinks once Brij Bhushan sees Aryaman doing Dhanuchi dance it will be game over for Aryaman.

Janvi says to Aryaman that she can eat her share of the tiffin as he will not have time eat food after this. Aryaman agrees. Aryaman tastes the food and praises her food. Aryaman takes Dhunuchi dance costume from Janvi and leaves from there.

Kian recalls that he gave his word that he will be the best player in the cricket academy. Kian also recalls Prince words that his mother will fire Janvi from the job as he didn’t listen to him. Kian thinks due to him Janvi will get fired from the job and he needs to figure out a way to help Janvi. Kian asks around the neighbourhood if anyone will give him work. Kian runs into Pushkar. Pushkar apologises to Kian as he spoiled his Mother’s Day with Janvi. Pushkar asks Kian what does he need. Kian says he needs to get work to help Janvi. Pushkar agrees to get work for Kian. Pushkar thinks Kian is the key to enter his house and get information about Kian’s father.

Janvi sees Aryaman is having trouble wearing Dhoti so she helps him. Janvi thanks Aryaman for all the help he has done for her. Aryaman thinks he will find out about Brij Bhushan’s attackers today and he will also find out if Janvi is involved in this or not.

Aryaman does Dhunuchi dance. Aryaman spots Brij Bhushan coming here with Dadaji to the Sangeet. Aryaman thinks Brij Bhushan will be in danger as the shooter will also come here. Aryaman also spots the shooter.

The shooter tries to take out his gun to shoot Brij Bhushan but Aryaman stop the shooter. Aryaman tries to catch him but the shooter escapes from Aryaman.

Pushkar makes Kian wash his scooter. Reva tries to stop Pushkar but Pushkar says Kian is doing it on his own. Pushkar sees Kian busy so he decides to go into Janvi’s house to find out about Kian’s father. Pushkar leaves from there.

Janvi sees Kian washing Pushkar’s scooter and Janvi asks Kian what is he doing. Kian says Pushkar said that if he cleaned his scooter well then he will tell everyone in the neighbourhood that he will get work to earn some money. Janvi asks Kian why is he doing this. Kian says to Janvi that she is going to lose the job because of him. Kian says Prince said that he didn’t teach Prince well how to play cricket so he will ask his mother to fire Janvi from the job. Janvi says nothing will happen to her and asks Kian where is Pushkar.

Aryaman chases the Shooter and comes infront of Brij Bhushan. Sadhu asks Murali how can he run around like that. Sadhu apologises to Brij Bhushan and says he is a trainee here. Brij Bhushan raises his hand at Aryaman but Dadaji stops him.

Episode ends.