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The episode starts with Janvi coming into Kian’s room and she sees the sorry chart on the mirror and thinks Kian did the decoration for her. Janvi decides to make it more perfect. Janvi sets the pizza on the table. Janvi wakes up Kian and says to Kian that she has a surprise for him. Kian wakes up and sees the pizza and asks Janvi if she made all of this for him. Janvi says yes. Kian and Janvi sit together and eat pizza. Aryaman thinks Janvi is thinking Kian has set this up and vice versa but the truth that he did this set up. Aryaman thinks if he told the truth to Janvi now then she will lash out at him. Janvi sits on Aryaman thinking he is a table.

Suhasini sees the ancestral necklace in Ujwala’s hand. Suhasini talks to Ujwala about it. Ujwala says to Suhasini that she is going to give this ancestral necklace to Aryaman’s wife. Suhasini objects to it and says Aryaman’s wife doesn’t have any right to this ancestral jewelry. Ujwala asks Suhasini not to speak like that again and comments on her. Ujwala shows the necklace to Reva and asks Reva how is it. Reva praises the necklace. Ujwala gives the family locker keys to Reva and asks Reva to give these keys to Premchand. Reva agrees and leaves from there. Suhasini decides to make sure Aryaman’s wife doesn’t get this ancestral necklace as she thinks Nishan is the true heir to this Bundela property not Aryaman.

Janvi while talking to Kian hears Aryaman’s sneezing. Janvi asks Aryaman what is she doing. Aryaman says he came to give a small treat to Kian as an apology and tell him why did he need to lie to both of them. Aryaman says he made this setup not Kian or Janvi. Aryaman gives the chocolate to Kian. Janvi asks Kian to put it down. Aryaman says to Janvi that it is wrong of her to turn Kian against him. Aryaman asks Kian to listen to him. Kian says to Aryaman that he will not listen to him as he really hurt Janvi. Aryaman says to Janvi that it is wrong of her to turn Kian against him. Janvi says to Aryaman that Kian is against him because he hurt both of their feelings and sends him away. Janvi closes the door on Aryaman’s face.

Aryaman comes to Suyesh and asks Suyesh for advice as he can’t understand women. Suyesh says to Aryaman that most women don’t speak what they mean and comments on it. Aryaman asks Suyesh how does he talk to a woman who is really angry with him. Suyesh says where there is love there is anger. Suyesh says to Aryaman if a woman hates him it means she loves him. Aryaman gets shocked hearing it.

Janvi overhears Aryaman and Suyesh conversation and gets startled. Janvi accidentally breaks a vase. Janvi apologises to Ujwala. Ujwala asks Janvi to leave it. Ujwala and Suyesh leave from there.

Aryaman comes to Janvi and asks Janvi if she loves him as she is angry with him. Janvi says no. Aryaman handcuffs Janvi’s hand to his hand and takes her to his room.

Aryaman says to Janvi that she needs to listen to him today. Aryaman says to Janvi that she hid the truth from her and Kian because Brij Bhushan hates him so much that he doesn’t think of Aryaman as his son. Aryaman says to Janvi what happened in the past and how Brij Bhushan always sends him to Australia. Aryaman says he hid his identity to find out about the people who tried to kill Brij Bhushan but even after that Brij Bhushan only hates him. Aryaman shows his diary to Janvi and says to Janvi how much he loves his dad. Janvi understands why Aryaman hid his identity. Aryaman and Janvi hear Brij Bhushan coming to his room. Janvi says Brij Bhushan cannot see them in handcuffs. Aryaman takes out the key of the handcuffs. Janvi says this is not the key of handcuffs and comments on it.

Brij Bhushan comes to Aryaman and asks Janvi what is she doing in Aryaman’s room. Aryaman makes up a reason for it. Brij Bhushan asks Aryaman to come downstairs. Aryaman agrees.

Brij Bhushan sees Aryaman and Janvi coming down together and he asks Aryaman about it.

Episode ends.