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The episode starts with Aryaman in his intoxicated state questioning Janvi if she did anything wrong in this hotel. Aryaman makes Janvi swear on Kian. Janvi says she made a mistake and that is she made him do Dhunuchi dance. Aryaman asks Janvi if she did something else. Janvi asks Aryaman why is he questioning her. Muralidhar says to Janvi that he told him to ask her and makes up a reason for it. Janvi leaves from there. Muralidhar asks Aryaman to stop thinking about Janvi and asks him to think how will he face his dad.

Aryaman gets scared thinking about his dad when he is about to step into the house. Aryaman calls Kian and says he is scared as he made a mistake due to which he has to face someone he really fears and loves and respects. Aryaman asks Kian what does he do when he gets scared. Kian says he reads Hanuman Chalisa. Kian asks Aryaman to put hand on his chest. Kian asks Aryaman to say Hanuman Chalisa along with him. Aryaman says Hanuman Chalisa along with Kian. Aryaman steps into the house.

Aryaman sees Brij Bhushan. Kian cuts the call as Aryaman doesn’t speak. Brij Bhushan gives a cricket bat to Aryaman. Brij Bhushan asks Aryaman to come with him.

Brij Bhushan shows the trophies that he got in his whole life. Brij Bhushan asks Aryaman to destroy these trophies. Aryaman says he will not do it. Dadaji says these trophies are symbol of his respect that he earned. Brij Bhushan comments on Aryaman as he is trying to do something that will destroy their reputation again. Dadaji says Aryaman is learning about their business from ground up just like him. Brij Bhushan comments on it. Raina says Aryaman came here for their money. Brij Bhushan hearing it asks Aryaman to write what does he want on this paper. Aryaman writes what he wants Brij Bhushan goes silent seeing what Aryaman wants. Dadaji reads it and announces to Raina that Aryaman wants Brij Bhushan’s 15 min time. Brij Bhushan doesn’t agree to it. Aryaman says he already gave his 15 min time to him. Aryaman shows that he came into this house at exactly 5 pm and now 5:15pm. Aryaman thanks Brij Bhushan and leaves from there.

Muralidhar praises Aryaman as he confronted Brij Bhushan and nothing happened to him. Muralidhar asks Aryaman how did he do it. Aryaman says he got the courage from Kian when he made him sing Hanuman Chalisa with him. Muralidhar says now he needs to catch Brij Bhushan’s enthusiasm and for that he needs to make Janvi fall in love with him and says there is no other way. Aryaman agrees.

Brij Bhushan comes to Raina. Brij Bhushan says to Raina that he made a mistake in raising Aryaman as he was busy with business. Brij Bhushan says he would not allow her to make the same mistake. Brij Bhushan asks Raina to take care of Prince as he is lagging behind in studies and cricket. Brij Bhushan says he will not be part of the business anymore and he asks Raina to raise Prince well. Brij Bhushan leaves from there. Abhay asks Raina now what are they going to do.

Janvi comes to the hotel and one person gives one rose to Janvi. Aryaman at the end gives a surprise to Janvi with a bouquet of flowers.

Episode ends.