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The episode starts with Janvi saying to the attender that there was a pair before them. Janvi asks the attender to do those people wedding first and says they will do their wedding later. The attender asks Janvi not to worry and says another registar came and says they can do their marriage right away. The registar asks Janvi to fill up the form and sign it. Janvi acts as if she is fighting with Aryaman. The registar asks Aryaman and Janvi to go to a side and talk and then later decide if they want to do this wedding or not. The registar asks the attender to take them to a room so that Aryaman and Janvi can talk to each other and sort out their differences. Janvi and Aryaman leave with the attender. Janvi says to the attender that they will talk in this room. The attender allows Janvi and Aryaman to enter the File room so that they can talk to each other.

Aryaman sees the attender is keeping an eye on them so he flirts with Janvi. Janvi also plays along with him. The attender asks Janvi if they sorted out their argument. Janvi says no and asks the attender to give them some time. Janvi later shows to Aryaman that they are in the file room and she asks Aryaman to search for the file.

Kian locks the door. Pushkar sees Janvi’s shift is over but she still hasn’t returned home and Kian is alone in the house. Pushkar calls Abhay but Raina attends the call. Pushkar reveals to Raina that Janvi’s office hours are over but she still hasn’t returned home till now. Raina hearing this decides to call the child welfare services and prove that Janvi is an irresponsible mother. Raina says to Pushkar what he has to do. Pushkar agrees. Reva overhears Pushkar’s conversation over the phone so she decides to inform Janvi.

Janvi and Aryaman see the attender is coming towards them. Janvi and Aryaman hide from the attender. The attender thinks Janvi and Aryaman have left as they haven’t sorted out their differences. The attender locks the room. Aryaman says to Janvi that they can calmly search for the file. Janvi comments on Aryaman as due to him she got locked in this file room and before she nearly got married. Aryaman asks Janvi to stop making faces and says Kian brought her marriage proposal to him but he rejected Kian at that time. Aryaman says he is not interested in marrying her. Aryaman asks Janvi why can’t she get married. Janvi says whichever match come to her asks her to seperate from Kian and she can’t allow that. Janvi asks Aryaman to stay away from Kian as one day he will leave and Kian will be very hurt with it. Aryaman stays silent.

Janvi tries to take files of the cabinet and Aryaman catches her when she is about to fall. Aryaman gets injured in his head. Janvi puts a band aid to Aryaman.

Reva says to Dadi about Pushkar’s conspiracy against Janvi and tries to call Janvi but Pushkar stops her. Janvi sees there are 9 missed calls and she sees Message about Pushkar calling the child welfare services.

Janvi looks for a way out. Aryaman says everybody has left the court and they can’t get out of this room until someone comes tomorrow. Janvi says she has to get out of here if not the child welfare services will take Kian away from her.

Episode ends.