Fans of Dangal TV’s recent hit show Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein are in for a nail-biting sequence. A major twist is about to happen in the show. The Pandey family hasn’t been too happy with the decision to get their son Dhruv married into a poor family of the Chaubeys but there’s nothing that they can do as the head of the family Kashinath Pandey has agreed to get Dhruv married to Srishti.

However, things aren’t moving as planned with regards to the wedding. Srishti has gone missing from the house just before the wedding and now Dhani is taking over Srishti’s place. But does that mean she will get married to Dhruv?

Srishti’s younger sister Dhani has stepped in to marry Dhruv. While the Chaubeys and Kashinath Pandey are aware of this turn of events, Dhruv is still in the dark sitting in the mandap thinking he is getting married to Srishti. What happens next? Where is Srishti? As the plot thickens, one can only wait and watch what follows in the coming episodes.

Talking about this major twist Megha Ray who plays Dhani in the show says, “Dhani is just a carefree college going girl who didn’t have marriage on the agenda in the foreseeable future. She doesn’t know what it means to be somebody’s wife or a daughter-in-law, but she is at such crossroads in her life that she has to bite the bullet and take up Srishti’s life, that of being Dhruv’s wife, to save her family from being shame faced in front of the society. So she decides to step into her sister’s shoes and get married to Dhruv. It’s a very emotional moment for Dhani.”

Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein went on air on the 3rd of January this year and has been garnering a great response from the audience from the first episode itself. Laden with many twists and turns, the show is a social drama that is rooted deep in the tradition of marriage. The show also depicts how women in India play a bigger role in keeping the Indian families together. It is reflective of Dhani’s selfless act for her family to save them from being shame faced in front of the whole society. The show has been drawing the attention of the audience and has turned out to be one of the most relatable shows in the large bouquet of Dangal TV.

In the show Chaitanya Adeeb as Surendra Chaubey, Himakshi Ujjain as Geeta Chaubey, Ketki Kadam as Srishti Choubey and Megha Ray as Dhani Choubey. In the Pandey family, Sudesh Berry plays Kashinath Pandey, Karam Rajpal plays Dhruv Pandey , Udit Shukla plays Abhishek Pandey , Urvashi Upadhyay plays Roopa Pandey, Meera Mir plays aunt and Diksha Dhami plays Pooja Pandey. Watch Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein, Monday to Saturday at 9.30 PM only on Dangal TV.