‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’ is a crime-drama show involving law, order and crime. The season 2 of the show has been garnering rave reviews ever since its release on Amazon Prime Video from 10th July. Making his impactful debut in the digital world, Abhishek
Bachchan amazes everyone with his hard hitting acting. He portrayed the role of Avinash with full conviction.

Providing just the right amount of thrill and giving us a gripping story line, Breathe has managed to make its way to viewer’s must watch webshow.Having said that, the makers of the show have a request for all the show’s fans. While the show has managed to generate a mammoth of online conversations with its ending, makers are urging the fans to not reveal the thriller aspect of the show. Talking in anticipation and having other conversations are justified but revealing the end and killing the thrill is not correct. The thriller aspect gives more potential for an upbeat ending, and by revealing it the crux of it is lost.

Building apprehension and creating situations in the minds of the viewers is what keeps them engaged and hooked to the show. While the makers are enthralled to receive so much love and appreciation for the show and are very grateful for it, it is their heartfelt request to their fans.

Breathe is available on Amazon Prime Video. So go watch it now and join the wagon of loving the show. We are sure you will end up wanting more.