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The episode starts with Gayatri returning home in frustration. Sanjana passes comments on Gayatri after seeing her state. On the other hand, Mangal tells Kusum that she is worried for Lakshmi. Kusum assures her that Gayatri will not get upset with Lakshmi.

Lakshmi apologises to Gayatri and tells her that she will do a head massage for her. Gayatri asks her to do the massage. Lakshmi feels happy and starts doing her massage. Kusum asks Mangal to concentrate on her life leaving Lakshmi’s matter. She asks Mangal to hire a good teacher for Ishana. Adit says Soumya will teach Ishana. Mangal says she already talked to the tuition teacher. Adit receives Soumya’s message and feels trapped. Kusum tells Mangal that she did correct. Adit lashes out at Mangal for finalising the teacher without consulting him. Kusum stands by Mangal and rebukes Adit. Kusum asks Mangal when the teacher is coming. Mangal says she will come from tomorrow onwards. Adit thinks how can he handle Soumya.

At the dining table, Nidhi sees circulating images of Karthik washing utensils at Lakshmi’s house. She shows it to everyone. Gayatri feels worried for Karthik’s reputation. Nidhi tells Karthik that he made a mistake by marrying Lakshmi leaving his love. Lakshmi comes there. Gayatri asks Lakshmi to not take Nidhi’s words seriously. Lakshmi says it’s good to move on from the past. Karthik’s father praises Lakshmi and asks Nidhi to learn things from Lakshmi. Nidhi throws Lakshmi prepared food. She insults Lakshmi.

Gayatri tells everyone that Lakshmi is Malkin of the house. Sanjana tells Gayatri that Lakshmi will never get the respect she got. She tells her that Karthik doesn’t love Lakshmi so they will never like and respect her. Karthik feels bad for Lakshmi. Sanjana leaves from there.

Mangal decides to make a sweet for Ishana’s teacher. She sees utensils and thinks of Gayatri’s words. She calls Lakshmi to talk to her. Lakshmi thinks Mangal would understand her situation by listening to her voice. Lakshmi messages Mangal that she is busy with family members. Mangal feels relaxed. Lakshmi thinks love is not written in her fate and cries.

Karthik comes to Lakshmi and makes her feel better. He gives her a rose. Lakshmi says to Karthik how much she feels bad for him. Karthik tells her that she is special.

The next day, Mangal hears the calling bell sound. She opens the door assuming Ishana’s tuition teacher has arrived but she sees Soumya and feels surprised.

Episode ends.

Precap – Soumya passes comments on Mangal. Kusum stands by Mangal. Adit asks Mangal to call the teacher she hired for Ishana. Mangal calls her.

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