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The episode starts with Gayatri meeting Kusum and asking her what happened. Kusum asks Gayatri to stop Karthik from revealing his love for Jia to Lakshmi. Gayatri says she is trying but Karthik is not listening. Kusum asks Gayatri to not give up and doesn’t let Mangal and Lakshmi learn about Karthik loves Jia otherwise they will cancel the wedding. Gayatri agrees.

Lakshmi calls Mangal from Bhushan’s phone. Lakshmi asks Mangal what is she doing. Mangal is shown to be preparing Mehandi to set up the stall. Lakshmi tries to save some money by stitching her wedding clothes but she doesn’t reveal it to Mangal. Mangal also doesn’t reveal anything to Lakshmi about the stall.

Karthik asks Gayatri what is she doing. Gayatri comments on Karthik as he tried to tell the truth to Lakshmi. Karthik says this is not doll wedding and says he will not marry Lakshmi and says he only wants Jia. Gayatri comments on Karthik. Gayatri says to Karthik that if he wants Jia he will get Jia but he needs to forget about Gayatri. Gayatri asks Karthik to make a choice. Gayatri leaves from there.

Sowmya colleagues question Sowmya if she is invited to Karthik and Lakshmi’s wedding. Sowmya comments on it and leaves from there.

Lakshmi is shown to be working in the shop. A few ladies ask Lakshmi to show her engagement ring but Lakshmi realises her engagement ring is not on her hand and it’s missing. Lakshmi searches for her the engagement ring.

Sowmya asks Adit why didn’t he invite her to the wedding. Adit says it is a boring wedding that’s why he hasn’t attended the wedding. Adit says now Mangal even has no money and she set up a stall in some Mela and comments on it. Sowmya asks Adit which stall did Mangal set up. Adit says he doesn’t know.

Mangal is shown to have set up Mehandi stall. Mangal asks if anyone would like to apply Mehandi. Everyone is shown to be not interested. Mangal calls Kusum and asks Kusum to handle house work today. Kusum encourages Mangal.

Lakshmi is shown to be searching in the house for the engagement ring but she doesn’t find it. It is shown Lipika is the one who stole engagement ring when Lakshmi was sleeping. Lipika comments on Lakshmi that Gayatri might cancel the wedding once she learns that she lost the wedding ring due to her carelessness.

Mangal makes a teddy bear for a kid with Mehandi free of cost. The others see this come to Mangal one by one. Sowmya comes to the mela and sees Mangal’s stall is a hit and thinks if Adit knows about it then Adit might be impressed with Mangal. Sowmya acts as if she ran into Mangal’s stall. Sowmya talks to Mangal and makes Mangal invite her to Karthik and Lakshmi’s wedding. Sowmya later changes Mangal’s Mehandi solution with another bottle and leaves from there. When Mangal uses the Mehandi solution if Sowmya to the customers their hands burn.

Episode ends.

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