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The episode starts with the customer saying that her hand is burning. Mangal asks the customer what happened to her. The customer accuses Mangal of mixing something in the Mehandi. Mangal says she hasn’t mixed anything. Mangal says she just applied Mehandi. Mangal pours water on the customer’s hand. The customer sees that her hand is completely burnt and there are rashes on her hand. The customer asks the crowd to call the supervisor and says she will file a complaint against her. The crowd goes and calls the supervisor.

Lakshmi comes to Adit’s house and asks Adit’s father if Mangal is here. Adit’s father says Mangal has went to Mela. Lakshmi goes to Mela to look for Mangal.

The supervisor asks Mangal how can she do this. Sowmya comes and asks what happened. Mangal says to Sowmya what happened. Sowmya looks at the Ayurvedic medicine given to her by Mangal. Sowmya says this is pure chemical dye. Mangal is not able to read the label as she is illiterate. Mangal thinks how could this happen.

Lakshmi decides to tell the truth to Mangal that her engagement ring is missing and hopes that Mangal will figure out a way.

Sowmya calls Adit and tells her what happened. Adit asks Sowmya to handle things until he reaches there.

Sowmya tries to calm down the customer. Sowmya asks the supervisor to first call a doctor to check her hand. Sowmya also says to the supervisor that if he calls the police then this Mela might be closed.

Adit comes to and talks to the customer. Mangal apologises to the customer and says she doesn’t know how this happened. Adit asks Mangal to shut up. The supervisor says to Adit that he needs to pay Rs 50000 fine to end this matter. Adit without having a choice pays the money to the supervisor and ends the matter. Adit comments on Mangal for destroying his reputation by doing something like this.

Sowmya comes to Adit and says to Adit that she can understand how he feels as Mangal doesn’t even understand what is written on the label. Sowmya comments on Mangal.

Mangal comes and sits in the car. Adit throws Mangal’s things out of the car and insults her right in the middle of the road. Sowmya tries to stop Adit but he doesn’t listen to her. Adit calls Lakshmi inauspicious as Mangal came here to earn money for Lakshmi’s wedding. Adit also calls Mangal inauspicious and comments on her. Adit leaves from there. Lakshmi witnesses this from afar.

Lakshmi comes and helps Mangal pick up her things. Lakshmi asks Mangal why does she bear this much for her. Mangal says to Lakshmi that she means the world to her and comments on it. Lakshmi decides not to tell Mangal about her engagement ring missing.

Lakshmi calls Karthik and asks Karthik if she could meet him. Karthik agrees.

Kusum comments on Mangal. Adit talks with someone over the phone and says he wants to sell the house that he is living in.

Episode ends.

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