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The episode starts with Shanti asking Mangal if Karthik is fine. Mangal says Karthik is fine. Shanti mocks Lakshmi. Mangal asks Lakshmi not to take Shanti’s words seriously. Maya comes there and asks Mangal to think about the proposal. Mangal agrees. Maya leaves from there. Lakshmi asks Mangal about Maya.

Kusum asks Gayatri to keep Jia away from Karthik. She asks her to do Karthik’s marriage with a good girl. Gayatri says there is no girl good enough for Karthik. Kusum says to Gayatri there is Lakshmi. Kusum says Lakshmi is good so don’t lose her and asks Mangal’s permission. Gayatri agrees.

Mangal says to Lakshmi about Maya’s proposal. Mangal asks Lakshmi if she likes anyone. Lakshmi says she will marry whomever she likes for her. Mangal says she will take Kusum’s permission.

Mangal comes and says to Kusum that Lakshmi got a good match and says to Kusum and Gayatri about Maya’s proposal. She asks their opinion. Gayatri asks Mangal to accept the proposal as Maya’s family is good. Mangal feels happy. Akshat calls Mangal. Mangal goes to him. Kusum asks Gayatri why she missed the chance. Gayatri says god gave a sign that Lakshmi is not for Karthik as she got another match.

Adit calls Soumya but she doesn’t attend his calls. Mangal comes there and tries to tell him that Lakshmi got an alliance. He doesn’t hear it and sees Soumya reject his gifts.

Shanti and Lipika ask Lakshmi to stay away from Karthik. Lakshmi says she is not interested in Karthik. She receives Mangal’s call. Lakshmi picks up the call. Mangal asks Lakshmi to get ready to meet the groom. Lakshmi asks her to talk to Adit once. Mangal agrees. Lakshmi says to Mangal that she will come to her place next day to unpack the luggage.

Kusum praises Adit for purchasing a new house. She asks Adit to book vaishno devi tickets for her. Kids says they will go with Kusum. Adit tells them this month it’s tough and assures to book the ticket next month. Kusum agrees. She receives Gayatri’s call. Kusum picks up the call and asks if Adit is fine.

Karthik wakes up. He sees Jia missed calls and calls back her. Gayatri stops Karthik from talking to Jia. She reveals to Karthik that Jia made him drink Bhang. She asks him to stay away from Jia. Karthik stands by Jia and says she can’t do it. Gayatri comments on his trust in Jia. She orders him to not meet Jia.

While unpacking luggage, Lakshmi drops Adit’s laptop. Mangal feels tensed and checks the laptop. She feels relieved to see the laptop is fine. While placing laptop Mangal and Lakshmi find an expensive jewelry in Adit’s bag. Lakshmi says Adit may have purchased this pendant for you. Adit comes there and asks why his laptop is outside. Lakshmi admits that she dropped it. Adit asks them to stay away from his laptop. He checks his laptop. Lakshmi asks Adit if he is angry as they learn about his surprise. Adit asks what. Mangal asks Adit to leave for his office. Adit leaves. Mangal sees Adit forgot his file at home and feels worried. Lakshmi says she will give it to Adit.

Episode ends.

Precap – Adit puts a chain on Soumya’s neck. At that time, Lakshmi enters his cabin.

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