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The episode starts with Lakshmi running after Karthik’s car to get her letter back but falls. The letter falls on Karthik’s car windshield. Karthik sees his name in the letter. He comes out of the car and reads the letter.

In Kuldevi Mandir, Kusum and Pandit ask Mangal to do parikrama for Lakshmi and Karthik’s marriage. Mangal starts the ritual. She prays to God to not let Lakshmi’s life become like her. Kusum sees Mangal make a mistake in ritual. She scolds Mangal. Mangal says she made a mistake. She asks Pandit to tell her a remedy. Pandit suggests her to tie the mauli thread to Lakshmi and Karthik. He says this is a wish grant tree and will fulfill your wishes. Soumya overhears it.

Karthik reads the letter and understands that Lakshmi didn’t lie to him. Lakshmi comes there and takes the letter from Karthik. She tells him how his letter is special to her. Karthik tells her that it was not the letter he sent her. Lakshmi is shocked.

Soumya tries to tie mauli thread to wish grant tree. Shanti stops Soumya and rebukes her. She calls Kusum and complains to her. Kusum takes mauli from Soumya and tells her that this ritual can’t be done by an unmarried woman.

Lakshmi asks Karthik what he is saying. Karthik says someone changed his letter and created a difference between them. He reveals to her that he loves someone else and doesn’t want to get married to her. Mangal searches for Karthik. She sees Karthik’s clothes are missing from the wardrobe and questions Nidhi about it. Nidhi says Karthik might have run away from home. Mangal is shocked. Lipika overhears it.

Lipika tells everyone that Karthik is missing. Lakshmi regrets not trusting Mangal’s words. She asks him if he is running away from the marriage. Karthik says he doesn’t want to spoil their lives so he is leaving. Lakshmi tells Karthik that she will stop the marriage by talking to Mangal. She assures him that he will get his love. Karthik says to Lakshmi that he trusts her. Lakshmi leaves from there in tears.

Family members look for Karthik. They didn’t find him. Akshat comes to Mangal and tells her that Karthik is in his room. Everyone feels relaxed. Adit scolds Mangal for troubling them. Lakshmi comes home drenched. Kusum asks Mangal to get Lakshmi ready. Lakshmi thinks about how to talk to Mangal. Later Lakshmi hugs Mangal and tells her that she wants to tell an important matter. Mangal feels worried and asks Lakshmi what happened. Lakshmi tells Mangal that her suspicion on Karthik turned true.

Episode ends

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