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The episode starts with Adit talking with someone over the phone and says he wants to sell his home and asks him to tell him if there is a good offer.

Adit’s parents ask Adit why is he doing this. Adit asks his parents what choice did Mangal leave her. Adit says Mangal is mad to do Lakshmi’s wedding and says she is about to go to jail. Adit says if Mangal really went to jail then they would have gone circles around the court and comments on it. Adit says he will really die one day due to the stress Mangal gives him and due to shame. Mangal asks Adit not to speak like that. Mangal says she doesn’t know when someone changed the chemical dye with Ayurvedic Tel. Adit comments on Mangal and says education is important and says if she had studied then all of this wouldn’t have happened. Adit leaves from there.

Kusum also comments on Mangal and criticises her.

Sanjana asks Karthik where is he going. Karthik says Lakshmi also wants to end this acting and says Lakshmi is looking really stressed. Karthik leaves from there.

Lakshmi waits for Karthik but Gayatri comes and meet Lakshmi. Gayatri says to Lakshmi that Karthik will not be able to come to her as he went out on some work. Gayatri asks Lakshmi to tell her as Karthik said that she was troubled about something.

It is shown Gayatri asks Karthik to go to Mehta as he is waiting for him in the studio. Gayatri convinces Karthik to meet Mehta and sends him away.

Mangal brings coffee to Adit but he says he doesn’t need it. Adit pushes it away. Mangal drops the coffee. Adit lashes out at Mangal as he came here to stay away from her but she came here to show her face. Akshay witnesses all of it from afar.

Karthik comes to the studio cut he doesn’t find Mehta here. Balram steals Karthik’s phone and locks Karthik in the studio.

Gayatri asks Lakshmi why is she looking troubled. Lakhsmi is about to tell the truth to Gayatri about the engagement ring but Sonu interrupts Lakshmi and says to Gayatri that Lakshmi gave the engagement ring to goldsmith to tighten it and she needs her permission for it. Gayatri comments on Lakshmi that she called Karthik for such a small thing and leaves from there.

Lakshmi asks Sonu why did he lie to Gayatri as now he made Lakshmi a liar and says once Gayatri knows the truth she will think Lakshmi is not only careless but a liar and comments on it. Sonu says he can’t allow her marriage to be destroyed.

Karthik bangs on the door and asks Balram to open it. Balram calls Gayatri. Gayatri asks Balram not to open the door at any cost.

Akshat cries for a while and asks Adit if he is going to leave Mangal. Adit asks Akshat why is he thinking like that. Akshat says because they are fighting all the time. Adit assures Akshat that Mangal and Adit are not going to seperate and cheers him up. Adit takes Akshat and Ishana to eat ice cream.

Kusum comments on Mangal. Mangal sees Adit has forgotten his wallet and she goes to give him his wallet. Mangal gives Adit’s wallet to him and says to Adit that she will return all of the money to him pretty soon. Adit says he will wait for that day and says if she is able to do it then he will do whatever he asks of her. Adit leaves from there.

Karthik breaks the door.

Episode ends.

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