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The episode starts with Lakshmi informing Mangal that the delivery boy informed her that he saw Adit with some other girl at the hotel. Mangal asks Lakshmi to not doubt Adit and says he might have gone to a restaurant with Saumya regarding some meeting. Lakshmi doesn’t look convinced. Mangal asks Lakshmi to eat cake.

Adit on call tells Saumya how he is troubled at home. Lakshmi knocks on the door. Adit doesn’t respond. Lakshmi opens the door and enters the room. Adit sees Lakshmi in his room. He scolds her for intervening in his privacy. Lakshmi tells him that she came to take dining mats. Adit asks her to take it. Lakshmi sees the cake and questions Adit why he said sorry to Delivery Boy. Adit warns her to stop her investigation. Lakshmi sees that Saumya is calling Adit. She tries to tell Adit but he doesn’t listen to her and continues to insult her. Lakshmi takes his phone and shows him that Saumya is calling him. Adit cools down and he gives mats to Lakshmi and asks her to leave. Lakshmi thinks of Adit’s changed behaviour.

Mangal and Lakshmi serve food to everyone. Karthik insists Mangal eat food with them. Gayatri asks Mangal to agree. Mangal agrees. Akshat drops curry on Karthik. Everyone feels worried. Karthik goes to clean his shirt. Kusum asks Lakshmi and Mangal to eat food. Lakshmi doubts if she turned off the Iron box or not. She goes to check it. Gayatri doubtfully sees Lakshmi.

Lakshmi enters the room and sees she turned off the presser and feels relaxed. Karthik fails to opens the tap. He sees Lakshmi in the room and calls her for help.

Lakshmi teaches Karthik how to use the washroom taps. Karthik uses too much force to turn on the knob and it comes into his hand. They try to stop the shower but they can’t. Karthik catches Lakshmi when she is about to fall. Karthik and Lakshmi are shown to be wet due to the shower. Family members hear the sound and rush to help Karthik.

Gayatri, Adi and Mangal spot Karthik holding Lakshmi. Gayatri gets infuriated witnessing Lakshmi in Karthik’s arms so she comes and slaps Lakshmi. Everyone gets shocked. Mangal comes to Lakshmi. Kusum asks Gayatri what she did. Gayatri accuses Lakshmi of tying to trap Karthik. Karthik tries to talk but Gayatri stops him and calls Lakshmi shameless. Adit feels happy. Karthik tells Gayatri she is misunderstanding the situation. Lakshmi controls her anger and leaves from there. Karthik tells Gayatri she did wrong. Gayatri says she is correct that why Lakshmi left without answering her back. Kusum and Mangal defend Lakshmi saying Lakshmi would never do that kind of thing. Karthik tells his mom how he called Lakshmi for help. He apologises to Mangal and says to Mangal he will talk to Lakshmi. Mangal says she will talk to Lakshmi and leaves. Kusum says to Gayatri that she did wrong by hurting Lakshmi’s self esteem.

Karthik decides to apologise to Lakshmi. Gayatri sees Karthik and asks where he is going. Karthik says to Gayatri that he needs to apologise to Lakshmi. Gayatri asks Karthik to talk to Lakshmi tomorrow, now Mangal went to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi thinks about Gayatri’s accusations in tears. Mangal comes there. Lakshmi tells Mangal how Karthik called her for help. Mangal says Karthik told them what happened and questions why she stayed silent like her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saumya questions Mangal why she prepared Desi food for foreign guests. Later Mangal comes to Lakshmi’s rescue.

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