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The episode starts with Lakshmi saying to Mangal she just helped Karthik but Aunty got me so wrong and iam not such a girl. Lakshmi says Karthik told us everything. Mangal asks why she stayed silent when Gayatri accused her. Lakshmi says the truth doesn’t need any clarification. They both hug in tears. Mangal requests Lakshmi to stay at her place for night. Lakshmi agrees.

The next day, Kusum asks Mangal about Lakshmi. Mangal says Lakshmi went home in the early morning. Mangal tries to clarify that Lakshmi didn’t do anything wrong. Kusum says she knows about Lakshmi and asks Mangal to not give any clarification. Kusum says she made Gayatri realise her mistake. Mangal feels happy. Kusum gives a saree to Mangal and asks her to gift it to Lakshmi. Mangal agrees happily.

Mangal is about to leave the house and sees the nameplate of their house and recalls her gruhapravesh ritual. Mangal asks why nameplate is here. Adit says he doesn’t want to take old things to new home. Mangal says so many memories are linked to it. Adit comments he wishes to leave other things which he doesn’t like. Mangal asks what are they. Adit asks her to leave for her work.

Lakshmi sells her mother vessels to vendor for 5k to purchase a sofa for Mangal. Lakshmi comes there and stops Lakshmi from selling it. Mangal sends the vendor and tells Lakshmi that Adit already purchased everything for their house. She convinces Lakshmi to not purchase anything. Lakshmi asks Mangal to bless her so that one day she will give her a beautiful saree. Mangal blesses her. Lakshmi gives her a handmade gift. Mangal says it’s good. Mangal gives Kusum sent saree to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says it’s beauty. She asks if anyone said anything to her regarding her. Mangal recalls Adit’s words and lies to Lakshmi that everything is fine. She asks Lakshmi to ready soon.

Kusum and her husband feel happy seeing their new home decoration. Gayatri thanks Adit for fulfilling her sister’s wish by purchasing a lavish house. Adit smiles. Adit’s father tells him that decorations are so good. Adit gives all credit to Soumya. Kusum rebukes him. Karthik asks Kusum about Mangal. Mangal comes there with Lakshmi.

Later Karthik apologises to Lakshmi for his mother’s behaviour. Lakshmi ignores him and asks him to stay away. Mangal sees everything. Kusum comes to Mangal and asks her to cover her head with Dupatta. Mangal agrees. Kusum prays to God to let Puja happen without any disturbance.

Mangal covers herself in her wedding chunri. She recalls the past. Adit comes there and asks Mangal to attend guests and says he needs to get ready. Mangal agrees. Adit notices her chunri is stuck and helps her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Soumya insults Mangal for preparing Desi food to foreign guests. Adit comes there. Soumya asks him if is this a village wedding? Adit gets shocked and insults Mangal. Shanti sees Lakshmi’s necklace and says this is why you couldn’t buy a sofa. She pulls it. Lakshmi says it’s not from my money. Mangal comes to Lakshmi’s rescue and stops Shanti.

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