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The episode starts with Kusum asking Mangal to increase the fan speed. Mangal agrees and leaves from there. Lakshmi serves snacks to Gayatri and Kusum. Gayatri says to Kusum that Lakshmi is looking like a servant and why she isn’t ready for wedding looks.

Shanti says to Lipika that Gayatri will like her. Mangal comes there and asks Lipika why she got ready. Shanti says you said that you were bringing an alliance for your sister so I made Lipika get ready. Shanti says Lipika is going to be Karthik’s bride. Mangal asks Shanti to stop her drama but she doesn’t listen. Shanti locks Mangal in the room and takes Lipika with her to show to Gayatri. Kusum asks Lakshmi why she didn’t get ready. Lakshmi wonders why everyone is behind her getting ready.

Shanti says to Kusum that their about to be daughter in law has arrived and points to Lipika. Mangal comes there. Kusum asks Mangal what is this. Shanti says Mangal told her that she was bringing a match for her sister so she made Lipika get ready. Kusum rebukes her and clarifies that they came to ask for Lakshmi’s hand. Shanti says Lakshmi is not good match to Karthik. Kusum comments on Shanti’s behaviour. Mangal asks Kusum to stop the drama. Kusum asks them to choose Lipika for Karthik.

Karthik tells Jia that he is getting married. Jia asks him to invite her to his marriage. Karthik decides to make her reach her own medicine. Gayatri asks Kusum how Shanti can put this kind of pressure on them. Kusum says she will put competition between Lipika and Lakshmi to choose the correct partner for Karthik. She asks Mangal to bring papers. Lakshmi follows Mangal and asks why she didn’t tell her about this match. Mangal says she tried but she couldn’t. She asks Lakshmi if she is ok with Karthik’s Match. Lakshmi says she likes whatever she likes.

Karthik comes home and sees Gayatri is not at home. He calls Gayatri and asks where is she. Gayatri says she is at the bride’s house and rebukes him. Kusum tests Lipika and Lakshmi. Later Kusum shows answers to Gayatri and they choose the winner. Kusum chooses Lakshmi as winner.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mangal faces Gayatri’s wrath

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